Friday, April 25, 2008

photos from Sybil 2007 -my, time flies..

Sybil 2008 is tommorrow April 26 -this year, we won't have Tim joining us...but Frank and Rob will be running and hopefully alot of other BUS members who we now --and the race will have great aid station volunteers like Cathy groneman, nick jubok, anthony, meredith and eddie. And it will not -hopefully-be pouring rain like 2 years ago. I will be crawling around tommorrow but certainly can't go much slower than last weekend and my main goal is not to get injured-! photos will be taken!


dream it up craft said...

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Myriam said...

well, that dream it up message got me thinking about chocolate!
Can't believe Frank will be joining you! Another ultra under your belt for this season...girl nothing stops you!!!

AnthonyP said...

The pouring rain and cold 2 years ago was awful. Good luck tomorrow. See you there.