Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quick Umstead 100 mile endurance run preview -photos from 2008

Umstead race food:)

Photos from 2008 --registration, pre-race dinner and race...

It is hard to believe that tommorrow all of us local runners--Anthony, Frank, Dave, except Wayne -he'll be going Friday) will be traveling to North Carolina for the Umstead seems like yesterday that I signed up online for 2009 edition on a humid September, 2008 day...I loved this race!!! It is so low-key and well organized and such a beautiful trail --runners come back year after year. One thing that sticks in my mind is that the Hawaii contingent brought the race director a shell necklace and Hawaiian chocolates!!
Today marks the 4th day of little or no running -arghh -in my taper week --I seem to be eating the same as if running 10 miles for the day -but I am kind of enjoying being lazy if I give up the fear of gaining a few pounds. I never feel good before a big race and this week is no exception --my quads are in pain. My muscles ache, and I have a slight chest cold...and of course I am tired with no running to get my system going (and did I mention cranky??). Well, enough complaining. Race morning will come soon enough. I am all packed and ready to meet the famous dave james to hook up with Tony to drive to airport. On Friday, we will see Grant, Frank, adamas, roger, tammy, wayne, tom, doug Vaughn, the infamous bob Gentile, and many others,including mike and patricia from hawaii!! And Zeke and Yuen from VT!!! I am looking forward to spending some time with these guys on the trail...should be an interesting time --every race unfolds differently. I have concerns about blisters, about my quads, about my training, but it's too late now!!!
The dark of the night is my favorite part of the 100 as you are past halfway, and closing in on the finish --every step forward takes one closer. Have fun, everyone:)
Winter weekend Training recap:::
some weekends included:
10 mile race followed by 10K race;
-20 miles followed by 27 miles;
-manhattan 1/2 marathon;
-weekend of Feb 1 --don't remember...oh yeah, sick...superbowl 4 miler..
-18 miles followed by 28 miles
-sweetheart 4 miler plus miles
-albany winter marathon
-colchester 1/2 followed by caumsett park 50K
-10 miles followed by 20 miles
-5 mile race followed by 21 miles
-15K followed by 10 miles
I had 6 weeks of 50-plus miles, 2 60 mile weeks, and 1 75 mile we shall see.
This is about what we did for the 24 hour...I was so much more prepared for VT, having done 2 50 mile runs. But time doesn't matter --it's just the journey.
Check out Frank's 2008 report-and Tammy's preview and photos form the past 2 years


DawnB said...

good luck Emmy and most of all have fun.

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy,

I recognize that girl holding up the Umstead 100 miler t-shirt...

I am so nervous about Umstead, but at least I am no longer nervous about the weather. Every weather report I have accessed (which are ALOT) suggest we will have a picture perfect Saturday with highs in the low 70's and lows in the 50's!

Of course I am bringing my own little space heater who can lie on top of my legs if they get cold while I am sitting/relaxing (Gilligan of course like any good pet is ready to sit in my lap at a moments notice). Although, Gilligan may be asleep in the hotel when I really need doggie-warmers.

I think you are really well trained, a 50 miler or two would have been icing on the cake, but your training has been really impressive this past Jan., Feb., and Mar. I know you'll wow us with your amazing time!

I look forward to seeing you Friday and then of course numerous times Sat and Sun along the course!


Just_because_today said...

Emmy, I can't believe it's been a year already!!! I remember well that you had a little meltdown a few days before the race and promised me you wouldn't race as much hahaha! Drinks after? come on, I'll be off lent in a week! BTW, my knee is still bad, doc wants another surgery, yeah right

Ryan said...

Have a wonderful adventure best wishes.