Monday, April 6, 2009

Umstead 100 mile endurance run --April 4-5, 09

Bob, Tammy, me and Grant before the start

Hugo and me in front of the Raleigh art museum --our Friday diversion

Tammy, me and Gilligan (her BIG dog) at registration

Dinner the night before with Tammy, tristan, roger, admas, grant and hugo --I had 2 pieces of b-day cake!!

Bob and Tammy

wayne, bob, tammy, me and anthony at start --5:30 a.m.--trying to calm the nerves.

my pacer, karen, and me at finish --she was awesome and paced me from 87-100

Grant and me at finish --Grant finished in 22:08!!!

hugo, wayne, and dave after the finish

Joe, the father of triple 3 year old boys --he trains by chasing them around:)

Dave jame's 'champion' belt buckle!!

Bob and Derek toast to their 28 hour finishes --and Bob fought horrible blister pain.
I will get around to writing a race report but want to say that, by almost all counts, the Umstead 100 was a big success. The one bummer was that Frank was not able to run due to pneumonia...he couldn't even fly down for the weekend with his famiy because of a fever and flu that went along with it. I know he was with us in spirit.
In summary, I ended up with a faster first 50 miles (10:15)and faster last 50 miles (12:03) than I thought I would run and ended up finishing in 22:18 -9th woman overall...and first 50s (unlike VT 100:)) --so many friends ran, and this was made the journey worthwhile. Congrats to Dave James (the overall winner!!! in 15:08), wayne, tammy, admas, hugo (50 miler), roger, anthony, bob G., Derek, grant, Joe (ultradad from kickrunners), and so many other friends!!!
Here are some photos, in the meantime:


AnthonyP said...

Way to go Emmy !!! It was such a blast. We will have to make sure we keep Frank healthy for next year's event.

Julie said...

Well done, Emmy, Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Emmy.
I am so pumped for you.
Ride the wave of euphoria ... you deserve it!

Runner Tammy said...


Congratulations on your amazing performance at Umstead. You looked so strong each time I saw you on the course (particularly when you lapped me at my mile ~80, your mile ~90). I am so impressed by you!

And it was great to catch up with you at the pre-race dinner. I guess the two slices of cake worked for both of us:-)

Take care,

Joe said...

Emmy, It was great to meet you. You're such a wonderfully enthusiastic person - a real pleasure to hang with.
You looked really focused everytime I saw you. I'm glad you were able to turn it into such a strong performance - great job!

Bob - said...

Emmy you did awesome out there, it was great meeting you and watching you move along the course and enjoy the adventure...

You always had something positive to say and give me a few high fives along the way!!! THANKS!

Recover well Hun & Big Congrats!!

DawnB said...

congratulations Emmy, awesome