Monday, April 27, 2009

NY Bot. Garden photos and Wilton 'where the wild things are' 5K

Above, photos from NY Botanical garden --pink is everywhere!

Frank won overall in 20:35 -his seco9nd career win!

Entrance to nature center and start of the race

The sign directing us into the nature center
the day after Sybil, I decided w/Frank to run this low key half trail 5K --the Hook 1/2 marathon was too long...westport was too we decided that this would be a good one to run --plus we would support the Woodcock nature center for earth day.
Well-what a good decision I made:) --First of all, the More marathon was cancelled due to heat so that made my decision to run short easy (as opposed to lake waramug 50K) -and we lined up, and Frank won overall and i came in second. we met some new friends
and the race director was thrilled that we came. For winning we each got a tote bag, nalgene water bottle, hat, and t-shirt --more than I ever expected for my entry fee.
It turned out to be a nice course, too. And I felt Ok racing, as it was different muscles -lol. As I write this Monday though, my quads are hurting and my feet hurt from Sybil...6 miles on pavement is painful..


Runner Tammy said...


The race looked really beautiful...I would have been so distracted while running it. But you ran a great race!

Congrats on your second place!

Running a 50 km or half marathon in 90 degree weather might have been good preparation for VT100:-)

Just_because_today said...


What do you do with all your trophies? if only you could trade them for wine!

CTmarathoner said...

Tammy --it's true --I figure that any race run in adverse conditions is good training for VT!!!
Myriam --I take the plaques off my tophies and save them in a box and give them to my friend Donna who runs a special olympics/kids track meet every summer -the kids love them. Since the trophies have girls on them, she got George buchanan, one of the top runners here in CT, to donate his boy trophies:)