Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inaugural Hudson Valley 15K

First of all, good luck to all Boston marathon runners!! Sounds like the weather will be perfect --hard to believe that the big race is tommorrow. Next year, I'll probably run, just because my kids love going to the Krispee kreme donut factory. Wish I had the energy to drive up to cheer.
But right now I am getting mentally geared up to run the Sybil Ludington 50K next Saturday. Last year, Frank and i ran it in 5:12 --hoping to run it a little faster:)
A 9 minute pace or 4:40 is a good goal, but just not sure how tired I still am.
I haven't updated my blog in awhile as haven't had much to say, except tha i ate alot easter weekend. Have just been running 5-7 miles of easy miles a day, and so easy that actually haven't taken a day off since the day after Umstead. I 'raced' the bunny boogie which set me back a notch, (but it was worth it) so this weekend decided to forego any shorter races that would cause me to go below my lactic acid threshold (7:30s -haha). Frank and I decided to drive to the Hudson valley 15K, where our friend Todd jennings was running and helping out, as the Prez of Orange Road runners. Funny --as we were driving to the race, we went by Hook mtn. We thought that Don was running the Hook mtn 1/2, but turns out that it is next weekend!
(Since I had entered the Thomas Labreque 4 miler, I asked my friend Susan to pick up my t-shirt to give to my friend Christine, whose husband died of Lung cancer.
Normally, i feel guilty about wasting entry fees, but this was a good donation)!
The 15K, in Blooming Grove, NY, out in the middle of nowhere but right off the thruway, turned out to be one of the nicest courses --a hilly (very hilly -the whole 9.3 miles was rolling with a few steep grades) loop -that i have ever run --rural and rolling. The weather was chilly but turned out to be perfect running weather. Frank and Todd started off ahead and I was content to bide my time at an 8 minute pace.
I do not want to get injured and know that I am still recovering --in any case, i hooked up with another woman and we talked together --at mile 3 we encountered a major hill (close your eyes, a man next to me said). We rolled alog over the hills,enjoying the rural scenery and bright yellow forcythia and blooming trees. I pulled away from her the last few miles as I felt great at 7:45 pace --I ended up finishing 5th overall in 1:13. (Oh, water was offered every mile -- nice touch)!
Not the greatest time, but I was so happy to finish feeling strong with no aches and pains, despite running 8 hilly miles yesterday (no racing in Bridgeport but hung out and helped)--I had felt my inside ankle tendon starting to hurt but this a.m. it felt good. So guess i will survive Sybil if don't run much this week....
Todd and Frank both had good races --Frank ran 7:21 pace and wasn't even tired.
He could have polished off the Boston course but he will make up for it next weekend.
After I finished, I jogged 1.8 more to make it 11,then had coffee and a great brunch -I wasn't even hungry! Oh, a 6 year old finished a few minutes behind me.
The awards ceremony took forever. Frank kindly waited for them to call the 50s women which took a long time-ha.
So, Boston monday is tomm ---good luck everyone...once again..


Just_because_today said...

yeah, I have noticed you haven't updated your blog, some of us are watching, okay? and you are disappointing us! I should have run Boston this year but didn't sign up on time. Hopefully, I'll qualify again.
Drinks soon?

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy,

Congratulations on a great race! You are simply amazing.

I have not run past 5 miles since Umstead. The one day I thought about it, about 4 miles in my knee started having twinges and I decided that while I run through twinges in race, I do not run through twinges in training runs.

I have signed up for the race around the lake (just the marathon) and a 50 km race 3 weeks after VT100--I really need Tristan to take away my credit card and internet connection after major events!

In fact I am about to sign up for Javalina 100 Oct 31rst. The only thing stopping me is that entry is not open yet:-)


P.S. I saw Debbie this weekend at Bull Run Run 50 miler, she (like you) is hard core!

DawnB said...

you've been pretty busy Emmy. Good luck with the 50k. I hve no doubt you'll meet your goal. Wow that must be some super 6 year old. I didn't know they were allow to run distances that long.