Sunday, March 29, 2009

March cub scout meeting -almost time to cross over to boy scouts:(

practicing for the May 1 color guard

ice cream after our 4 mile (total) pizza walk

flowers from the boys...
this afternoon my 5th grade cub scouts had a meeting where we 'hiked' for pizza,
hiked back to scout house for ice cream and for our meeting --I lead the group along with 2 other mothers. We have had these scouts now since first grade and it is a mixed blessing that our cub scout volunteer duties will be over on May 1 when the boys cross over to boy of the parents gave the leaders flowers on behalf of the boys.
I won't miss these boys, hopefully, as they will all go on to boy scouts:)


Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy,

It is really neat that you are one of your son's cub scout leaders.

So why are you being jettisoned as a cub scout leader? Are you not allowed to be a boy scout leader?

Your pizza walk sounded like fun and it was super sweet that you and your co-leaders were give flowers. I remember my girl scout years fondly (I sure learned alot of useful stuff as a scout).

See you in 3 days...


Just_because_today said...

I would hike anywhere for ice cream. Hey, that's an idea. If you come this way, maybe we can go hiking and then do the ice cream thing. We dont seem to get together for drinks so let's try something else!

CTmarathoner said...

Myriam --good idea --but i won't get to you til after easter anyway-how about after the Hudson Valley 15K??
Even if you don't run it, Frank and I told Todd we would run it and we get together for drinks and ice cream after to celebrate your 2 successful races,and all that stuff..