Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taconic ladies Team Party -3/22

Barbara and lee

Karen and I with headbands (which you need today --so darn windy and cold)

Lee and Nancy model headbands

Cathy shows off the singlets
On Sunday night, I attended a fun 'meet and greet' drinks/dinner party at Lee's house, just north of Bedford, NY... she is my co-race director for the Mahopac 8 miler, and is married to the TRRC president, Ed). The gathering was to bring together the taconic ladies' team and to discuss the team races for 2009. Since I had put in a few miles that day, one glass of red wine and some of Ed's homemade lasagna, oh, and some shrimp and fruit tart, was perfect. It was so much fun to see Barbara B.,Karen D., and ladies who I haven't seen in awhile (both are recovering from injuries). Lee handed out special 'taconic' headbands that she had printed, and I was also given a smallish sports bra to take home and try --lots of luck fitting into it --I haven't even tried it on yet it looks so small....in any case, we are looking for a good year --I hope to run for taconic the healthy kidney 10K, the club team championship and all the fall races...
so also, tonight is NYRRC club night at the Hardrock cafe in Times Square --should be fun -will try and take some pix...


Running CT said...

Are you doing Mudders & Grunters?

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy,

This event looked like alot of fun!

I never knew you were a race director. Your interests, talents, leadership and variety of friends never cease to AMAZE me!

See you in 10 days...eeek! (okay the seeing you in 10 days is not the "eek" part, it is the 100 miles that go hand in hand with seeing you!)

Happy running,

CTmarathoner said...

Running CT --I am not doing mudders and grunters this year for fear of injury before the Umstead endurance run. However, the Race Director, Nick, would love it if I volunteered.
So if I do go, it will be to help out. I hope to run Wurtsboro 30K the day before..are yu runing it? sounds like you are able to run without pain now!!! yeah.
Tammy --when I see you, I have such a funny story to tell about the necklace that you and I wear...how did the National marathon go??

Running CT said...

I'm thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

I just posted a Healthy Kidney 10k course map and elevation chart on my blog www.nycin310.com so drop by and check it out. And start strategizing for this years race on May 16th '09!