Sunday, March 8, 2009

Don's 60th birthday race at the Boston Build up 25K

Boston Build up tech shirt winners (i got mine at the 10K..)

At left-the birthday guy, and Don and Luann

In front of school after the race

Don and poster

Don with the group after the 25K

Don is 60
This morning we celebrated Don's 60th birthday at the 25K...ironically, I had to be up at 5:30 (really 6:30) to get my son organized for a hike, on no sleep (took by mistake a caffeinated sports drink that left me staring at the ceiling til 2:20 and finally had to take an advil P.M.) I could have gotton to the race early --the guest of honor, however, slept late!! He forgot to change his clock one hour forward in typical Don fashion (or maybe he wanted to sleep in for his birthday). We all lined up and looked around for Don --no Don. Jim was going to lead us in singing 'happy birthday'.
We even stalled by taking a group photo of the tech shirt winners. Did Don drive to Celebrate Life 1/2, we wondered? As it turns out, he started the race 10 minutes late.
So we waited for him at the end and took some photos of the poster that I made him.


DawnB said...

Thanks Emmy I nice post I wish Don happy birthday when he flew by me at about mile 14 even after starting late!!

P.S. I'll take your training pace anyday for my race pace :)

Just_because_today said...

Happy Birthday to Don

Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy.

Wish Don a happy belated birthday!

Your poster was really cute. You are so creative!

Three weeks until Umstead, are you ready??