Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NYRRC 'Club' night --March 24, 2009

The stage

Runners of the Year

Sharon, unidentified man, and Kathy M.

The Running Divas racing team...

Marie, Susan and I ---all nominees in the 50-54 category!

Me and Sharon

Cathy, Joe and Ted

Kaitlyn and her father Greg ---she won for the females 15-18!!!!

The Hardrock welcomes runners
What a great job the NYRRC did last night with 'club night' at NYC's Hardrock Cafe.
The night is to celebrate/honor the 2008 NYRRC team competition, humanitarians and age group nominees of the NYRRC...sinc I was a 2008 age group 'runner of the year' nominee in the female 50-54 category, I got to go to the party free:)...due to downsizing, the party package consisted of 2 free drinks along with our admission. No food was to be I ended up having 2 glasses of red wine and nothing any case, the taconic team did really well --out of 9 nominees,Kaitlyn D. ,Greg D. and Tom M. won their age groups. And the mens' 50s team won!!! They even had a Ted Corbitt award also ---too bad they did away with the ultramarathoner of the year award because they could have named the award after Ted..the ted Corbitt award went to the police and EMS!
Sharon won her age group in the female 50-54 --well deserved! It was fun to see my running girlfriends all dressed up, and I barely recognized some of the men and women who walked on stage without their running attire...NYRRC did a great job but next year eat before you go, if it's at the same venue.


Just_because_today said...

My friend Bette told me she saw you that night. Emmy, those glasses of wine are too enticing for me right now.

CTmarathoner said...

oh yeah --Bette is going to be at Wurtsboro --she is a glutton for punishment:)