Tuesday, February 10, 2009

long beach walk with carol from CT

Imagine my surprise when I got an e-mail from my Ct running friend Carol, saying that she and her husband Pat were biking on Sunday and saw me running! Not only is she an awesome trail runner, having won many USA age-group trail awards, but she is an accomplished marathoner. She is recovering from back surgery and a stress fracture so just getting back into the training after many months. They own a condo down here, and are here until the end of March. Carol and I made plans to walk on the beach, since they are near where we are staying --we walked to the lighthouse and back, and saw 2 turtles --a cool turtle sculpture and a real tortoise...It was good to catch up --I gave her the info on the CT winter racing scene and got all kinds of Sanibel info from her. We talked about trail races (Escarpment and seven sisters), regular races (Boston), and hill climbs (she is in Mt. Washington hill climb and will have to do hill climbing on treadmill). The weather was delightful. Since her husband had been out biking I got inspired and went biking for an hour. A fun Sanibel blog (s)I discovered is Tootsie-check out her photos of Sanibel critters and scenes, especially turtles. Thak yo Tootsie for allowing me to publish the photos below.


Tootie said...

You are quite welcome. Thank you for the 'Thank You'. :-)

I remember in one of your earlier posts that your son asked you why you had to go running. I think I know the answer to that.It's obvious from your posts how much you enjoy it. And you had added pleasure by 'running' into friends. The nice warm days have to be very nice for you too and of course there is a cool breeze to help you stay comfortable when running. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, 82 I think.

DwightoIIII said...
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CTmarathoner said...

Tootsie -82 degrees? -well, it is still welcome and it cools off beautifully at night --will check your blogs often to remind me of this island!