Sunday, February 1, 2009

Broadway Ultra Society awards (for 2008) brunch

Frank and Rob

Ritchie, Broadway Ultra Society head, and Frank

Nick, me and Grant
This morning's Broadway Ultra Society brunch/party was a welcome winter diversion.
Plus, so much food was left over that Vinnie of GLIRC sent me home with a 'doggie tray' of eggs and french toast (most of which went out for the animals).
If racing is all about showing up, then I was just lucky last year to show up for 7 Broadway Ultra events and happened to get more points than the other women ---the 2 events that I did get first pace points for --the June 14 50 miler and the March 29 60K, and the second place finishes --Sybil and the ted Corbitt 24 hour --were just luck. Alicia the great was recovering from low iron...newcomer Susan came in third overall!!! and I predict that she will win this year -go Susan. BTW, last year my second pace overall plaque got lost in the mail so it was nice t be at the brunch in person. It was great to see Ritchie, Nick, Rob, Grant, Al, and the others (no adamas).
Frank won his age group -45 to 49 (check out Frank's brunch photos and photos of the Gridiron classic 4 miler), and Grant and Al won theirs -I think Barbara S. won the 50s. So really, the whole point of the brunch this morning was to honor all the participants from last years' ultra series, and to announce this year's schedule. And most importantly, to socialize with ultra friends --the only under-18 person to show up, even though Greater Long Island club had tons of food --was Al prada's 12 year od daughter --she runs a tight ship at some of the aid stations!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Emmy!
Good luck tomorrow.

UltraBrit said...

Congratulations Emmy! No luck involved. You worked hard to earn the first place award.