Sunday, February 15, 2009

2 'frozen' races --the Feb. 14 Stratford 4 miler and the Feb 15 TRR Freezer 5 miler

It was tough racing again after a 2 week layoff!

Rob, Frank and Kate

Chris, on the right, hammered the course in 23 minutes and came in third overall.
Brian and Kate

Brian, Kate, me and Frank ater the 4 miler --hardware all around

Ronnie, Paul and Sherry

talking with Lee after the 5 miler (left)

Ed and Joe at the awards ceremony (we got our awards from the 2008 dinner:))

Frank and Bob after the Freezer 5 (below)...
It was a drag to come home from Florida to this cold weather. On the other hand, I had so much fun at the Stratford 4 miler. Frank and I teamed up to win our division --even though he and a bad chest cold, and I was tired from all the Florida miles, we still ran a combined 56 minutes (his time was 27:56? and mine was 28:13?) to win our team age group. The Stratford race --always hilly and cold --is a fun event as the team divisions give everyone a chance to win, young or old. In fact, Ronnie had a 75 year old man for her partner and won her division! Chris and Sal came from NYC to run. Kate teamed up with Brian to come in third in their division(Rob was sick and got lost, showing up 10 minutes before the race start so was not teamed up but he still ran a good race considering that his mom may have given him pnemonia). It was great to see Sherry out running (after months with injuries) --her partner was Marty. Don volunteered. A good time was had by all! Check out Kate's photos and Frank's photos
On Sunday I went up to 'jog' the Freezer 5 miler (Frank raced it in 34 and change)and to see Lee about the July 4 race. But mostly, it was a social time with all the Taconic people -Joe Pecora, race director, did a great job!! Greg, Bob Tom, Ed, Lee and others were helping!!! Despite the cold, it was a nice course and hilly. I was tired from sat. and got a good hill workout. Cookies, bagels, coffee and beer were available after. Do not miss the next Taconic event --the March 15 St. Patrick's day races. Guaranteed to be cold also!


Runner Tammy said...

Hi Emmy,

Very impressive times for your races. You should come down here to Maryland where it is WAY warmer! Today the George Washington Birthday was about 40+ degree's

And yesterday when I did my VT100 hill training with a borrowed dog it was a balmy 45.

Take care,

Just_because_today said...

Hey, can you get Chris to run Celebrate Life? I need some fast guys not that Frank isn't fast but you know what I mean...