Tuesday, February 3, 2009

empire state run up recap

Mary Wittenberg at the finish

The winners, an injured Suzy, and Thomas being interviewed

Me and running legend Nina Kusick (she won NYC marathon and boston! in 1970s).

Ana, John, me and Frank after finish

Thomas Dold (10:07) of Germany and Suzy Walsham (13:27) of Australia repeated as the NYRR Empire State Building Run-Up champions on Tuesday, February 3. Dold's victory was his fourth straight in the race, while Walsham marked her third consecutive win.

I forgot how much fun this race is --even on the tail-end of a flu-chest cold, I survived. In the middle of the race, I had to stop and walk slowly --I knew that was an extra minute..ran through the snow on the 86th floor to finish in 17:07. Frank came in 7 out 177 men in 15 minutes and change!! A good time was had by all --the NYRRC does a great job with this event -baggage check, t-shirts, medals to all finishers and lucite empire state building paperweight age-group awards...plus breakfast -coffee, bagels and pastries. And we get to take the elevator down. After I finished, I saw the first woman, Suzy Walsham, in a stretcher ---she injured herself somehow (will have to read the reports) and still won. I also met an ultra-woman, Suzannah, who is in Massanutten. She ran this 3 days after running the cape cod frozen ass 50K...and John G., who works around the corner, came to the finish. And we saw our friend Ana, who is running Caumsett park 50K. And, the best part -Frank introduced me to marathon legend Nina Kusick -she is 70 and has done the run-up 8 times.
Meanwhile, I am bummed to miss this weekends' bronx 1/2 or 20K (travelling to FL-good weather but no races) as will be healthy and it's supposed to be 50 degrees --go figure.


Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

Way to Go Emmy ...Congrats and ya it's getting cold here in FL

Burrr on 50's we don't like it :-(

Anonymous said...

Congrats Emmy. Great job!

Running CT said...

You made ink...AGAIN!:)


ChickenUnderwear said...

Cool medals. When I ascended the ESB they gave out "trophies". I got a 3 inch Empire State Building pencil eraser.



Runner Tammy said...

Wow Emmy,

You dominate running and stair-climbing! Congratulations.

Just out of curiosity, how was there snow on the 86 floor?

See you in 2 months:-)


Ryan said...

fun weekend activities great stair climb i've always wanted to try one of those events

Morrissey said...

congratulations. I barely passed you on this race :)

Just_because_today said...

did I hear you say I forgot how much fun this race is? OMG!!!!

CTmarathoner said...

thanks Bob --I hear FL is cold now --oh no!!!
Pam --thanks..good luck in da bronx -hope you have FL weather.
Running CT --hope you wil not be injured for our Norwalk rn!
Tammy --it was snowing up top!!!
Chicken -I'd take an eraser -cool:)
Morrissey -good job.
Myriam --you should try this once.

CTmarathoner said...

thanks Ryan! You might be able to do one in Boston.

Scott said...

Congrats!! Cool event. I paid tribute to you the other day by hopping on the stairmaster for 200 floors. :)

Jillie said...

Great Job Emmy. Also loved the articles! You Rock!!!!

Just_because_today said...


First I have to call you by the right name....
But no, I'll watch the video I borrowed from your blog...

Jennifer said...

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Jennifer said...

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