Friday, February 20, 2009

a few Sanibel Island photos

The best of Sanibel shells from the lighthouse keepers' collections...

A 1700s shell collection from a lighthouse keeper

antique valentines at the historical museum

Eating lunch while biking

The lighthouse in the background at sunset

Sailor's Valentines from the Sanibel shell museum

Our beach entrance at sunset

The lighthouse beach at sunset

Carol and I after a beach walk

Me in front of the Sanibel general store in middle of long run
With this winter weather (today, Friday, is the worst -can barely be outside, and my son going skiing for the weekend), Florida seems like years away. Well, it can't be that bad too much longer --this winter wind reminds me of the winds of March at Caumsett Park 50K and St.Patrick's day races..ugh -I hope to do both races.
But let's get this weekend over with first --a long run in the snow????????
Rob, Frank and Anthony and I (well, Anthony maybe not as he doesn't need the long run!!!) hope to drive to the Albany winter marathon on Sunday. I was actually looking forward to this race (last year ran it in 3:40) until we got the forecast of snow...we will see what happens. Maybe they will make it into a snowshoe race!


Just_because_today said...

Why would you post those pictures on the first day that I ran after fighting bronchities for 6 days and did nothing but fight the wind the whole entire way. How can wind always be against you no matter what direction you go in?

Tootie said...

Sorry to hear that you are back in the midst of cold weather. I remember what that was like. I always went through Sanibel withdrawl for at least 3 weeks. :-) Good luck with your race!

trailgrrl said...

I was there around the same time as you...but did not have my sneakers as i was on a fishing vacation..plan on heading back in April..this time with sneakers ; )

Love the pics and your blog