Monday, February 9, 2009

Sanibel island --training and eating

A 14-foot alligator seen by Sanibel blogger Tootsie (in her neighbor's yard)

Sanibel shells --photo by Tootsie

Sanibel and Captiva are about 17 miles long...
It's not easy being on a vacation with a teenager and 11 year old but i am trying! It's a compromise between what I want to do (museums, shelling, art galleries)and what my boys want to do (eat ice cream, play frisee, swim)...they are actually very happy at the pool and on the beach, and my mother-in-law wants to be with them. So, no excuses not to train... We flew down Sat a.m. and the weather was so perfect --70 degrees with no humidity that I put on my running stuff (shorts and sleeveless top -a shock)and went out the door with no plan except to do 12 miles or more. Since we come here almost every year, I knew where to run, and what trails to enjoy...Sanibel is 50 percent nature preserve, and no buildings are more than 2 stories high. No MacDonald's on this island.
I quickly went through a hand-held bottle of water after an hour so stopped at the nature center for more ---then went through the fancy neighborhood loop, and back toward the end of the lighthouse and long the beach ---ended up running for 3 hours -plus stops, so about 16-17 miles. I was happy to get in the afternoon training, as wasn't sure how I would feel....and after the 20 degree temps, will take it!
Since we had gone to the grocery store before checking in to our condo, I came home and inhaled everything --even junk like fritos and chocolate pretzels -yes, I was the one who bought this junk -never go grocery shopping with kids.
Then Sunday a.m., in honor of the rocky racoon people and the CT racers, I started out at 8:30 (well, RR was over by then) with the idea of running from one end of the island to the other --Sanibel Island is about 12 miles long and Captiva is about 5 miles long -- I started out at the lighthouse on the Eastern tip and made it to the end in about 2 1/2 hours, with a longish stop at the store for snacks, fruit and drinks...then made it about 3 miles into Captiva but turned around as I am not a fan of running on concete beside cars..(had been running on a dirt path along a bike path -perfect -and on trails)...Captiva was flattened in 2005 by a huuricane, and roads and houses are completely gone. The sides roads are gone. Also, at about 3 and half hours, the heat caught up with me and started to feel alittle lightheaded. Stopped at a beach for more water and a break --got a ride from my mother-in-law for 3 miles (I know, it's cheating)...then ran the 6 miles home and felt good --mentally, felt more positive, and was able to keep up a 9 min pace..ended at the beach at about 5 and a half hours, where I stepped in the water --I figure it was about 28 miles. Ike said 'mommy, why do you have to run so much?' and I said 'yeah, that's the question I ask myself' --but told him it's only one day and a quarter of what I will have to run in April:( I took lots of photos -no alligators, unfortunately,and will post them later. Oh on Captiva Island I met a G.A.C runner who recognized me! A woman who is friends with Chris and Susan of G.A.C. Last night I split an ice cream cone with Hank..after a rather large dinner of calamari, octupus, and more fish. So that was my reward.
This a.m. ran 7 miles --then biked with Ike (spent $20 on shells on side of road -also cheating-better to find them for free). Collecting shells is a hobby of mine, and I am told that you have to get on the beach at 5:30 a.m. at low tide maybe tommorrow! Ike is up for getting up-wish I had my headlamp.


susan said...

Tell me you didn't just start a post with "It's hard to be on vacation" and then go on to tell about how you ran for hours and hours in your shorts on trails with no tall buildings in sight! My heart is NOT bleeding for you! (Except for the having to eat squid and octopus part):) Anyway, I've been computer-challenged lately and just caught up with your blog. Great work on the Empire State Bldg race--so awesome!! Also, congrats on the overall win at the BUS brunch, and thanks for the kind shout out! You made me blush. Have a great time with your family, and come home tan and pumped!

CTmarathoner said...

Susan --Ritchie has your award and GLIC will mail it --congrats!
Also, my NJ masters running friend Beth said that she saw you in her store and convinced you to run with her team for NYC marathon -woo hoo!
With her you will have a strong team.

Tootie said...

I really don't mind you taking my photos, as I put them on my blog for everyone's enjoyment, but it would be kind to at least make them link back to me, or leave a note of thanks as a courtesy. I took the time to comment on your blog previously and wish you well; that is how you found the blog. :-) I hope you are enjoying this warm sunny day.

Just_because_today said...

28 miles, Emmy?? Good Lord! Nice post. Hey, the cheating is well deserved and I wouldn't even call it cheating, just a deserved break