Tuesday, January 12, 2010

watchung winter ultras --Jan 9, 2010

I haven't update my blog in a while ---with the cold weather, hasn't been alot going on in terms of long runs or races (except the chilliest, windiest boston buildup 10K on 1/3)....Frank, Rob and I did make a road trip to NJ to the Watchung winter 50K and I am pleased to report that I finished the snowy, icy but beautiful single track course in around 7 hours (7:10 to be exact) and Frank finished in 6:32...he got lost and ran around 36 miles. Since the course was 3 loops of the 10.7 mile (or more, according to Garmins) sierra trail, in Watchung reservation, the 50K was about 32.1 miles. plus, i got lost a few times so figure I ran @33 miles. The worst part about the day was
that it was about 20 degrees and the race started at 8 a.m. -brrr!! I finished the first loop wearing 3 layers of everything, and behind me was Rob with alomst frostbitten hands; plus his hips was hurting so he dropped at about 11 miles. I was somewhat surprised that he was packing it in after one loop, but it was icy, snowy, hilly (3 parts -one paved hill) and slow going... I didn't want to go on eiter but figured I's finish the second loop and see where Frank was. Rob was Ok with taking nap in car and reading his book. The next loop took me about 2:15 --I ran it with Coln, a friend of my NJ friend Joe --they were both in the 50K as are training for Comrades and other spring ultras. I also ran some with Yuki, who I met in VT --he is running Massanutten!! Thankfully 2 water stations were on course as even though it was cold we were working hardand were thirsty!! After the first loop I had grabbed my handheld. I got back to the parking lot in 4:30 and Frank had gone on -Rob was still in the car. I figured I'd push on and do the marathon (a cutoff was on the big loop)-however, a guy with a garmin pointed out that the marathon distance was really close to 28.2 miles, so I might as well go the distance!! and get credit for the 50K.
I started out the next loop with my friend Mary, and we walked alot of the icy patches --somehow I got 10 minutes behind schedule. I tried to push it and did get lost going up a hilly area by myself. After I passed the marathon cutoff, I passed over 6 runners!! It was such a great feeling to go up the final hill and see the aid station in the parking lot -- and the best thing --Johnny walker black label shots were waiting. Frank was in the car shivering so we took a few photos, talked to my friend Joe, and headed for home!!!