Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!! Happy Birthday Rob!

Pam cancelling at NYCM expo:(

Wow --had to believe it's Friday on Halloween --the very last day of October. Although an unusual birthday date, I have 2 running friends who are born on Halloween -Rob and Meredith!! Rob is not joining the ranks of masters yet, but think Meredith changes age groups (30 -so young! arghh). I went to the NYCM expo yesterday and had a great time walking over with Pam, meeting Frank and his buddy Michael, talking to Michael (check out his funny blog --this will be his 15th NYC Marathon. One year, he started LAST and passed 5,000 runners. So it was fun to hear his stories. I first met Michael at the Prospect park Cherry Tree 10 miler...a tough race. Good luck with your 15t, Mchael -then you'll be grandfathered in:)
The expo was not too exciting. Got some free samples of power bars and cherry juice.
Saw some fun items to maybe buy later --orange turtleneck and NYCM fanny ack, and orange Nike t-shirt. Forgot to check out the new NYCM Asics gel-kayano shoes for Kate...she will check them out today. I saw Barbara and Ted from TRR, and Marie and Corrina from 'Moving comfort' (now running divas)...and Sharon --sadly, Pam had to defer!!! She turned in her number pick up card and still got her shirt and goody bag.
She was sidelined with a stress fracture and looks forward to running a spring marathon. You are brave, Pam, to make the right decision!! Check out Frank's expo photos..

Monday, October 27, 2008

A pair of halloween 5K races -Wilton and New canaan -Oct 26

Yikes --my quads are hurting today. Good thing I have a big fat black and white cat sitting on my lap as I write this. Despite taking Saturday off (to carve pumpkins, shop and attend a sports bra-fitting party at runner's roost with Kate)and despite running 2 5Ks yesterday that both included flat trail sections...I can tell that I am not fully recovered from the 100 and from last weekend's race and long run. I pushed too hard in the morning ---for about a 3 mile course my time was 19:52. Was most pleased that got to run with Rob, Frank, John and Darcy --this would not have happened at Poland spring 5 miler. In the afternoon, I scaled back but won socks for first in old lady division --this was actually a tough course in Waveny park, and while I could see Roy and Frank ahead of me, could not catch them ad didn't want to. treated ourselves to Pumpkin pie after the race!!! Kate ran with her boyfriend Tom and he set a PR. Roy was able to race this 5K, as opposed to last year when he was recovering from the heart attack!! Well, it may be a death march this Sunday but I am determined to enjoy it. Here are some photos from the 2 scenic races --Wilton Halloween hustle (a meeting of orange socks)and New canaan Police pumpkin chase 5K...

Friday, October 24, 2008

NYC Marathon list of things to pack by Kate!

My friend Kate is running her first New York City Marathon. Like Rob (Kate is pictured with Rob at 2007 finish -she was spectating-, and below are Rob, Frank, Yuki, Hiro and I before the 2007 race), she will run it once and probably move on. As for me, I have a long history with the race, entering as a 24 year old after watching my parents and my brother run in 1978 and 1979.
This year will be my 19th NYCM....(1982,83,84,86,87,88,91,95,98,99,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007. Next Sunday's marathon will be -approximately-my 100th marathon/ultramarathon (have lost count)...will post some old t-shirts and memorabilia...Kate yesterday sent me the most comprehensive list of items to pack for the New York City any case, this list is relevant for any female for a cold weather marathon: (Thanks, Kate, for letting me post this):
Chip and Bib
ipod & arm strap
garmin watch
pace chart/band

running shoes
socks (including xtra)
ponytail holder
long sleeved shirt - OLD
sweat pants - OLD
garbage bag/rain gear

H20 bottle
salt pills
gummy bears
ITB Strap
To apply pre-race then put in drop bag:
body glide
mini scissors
lambs wool

cell phone
disposable camera

Bag for Post Race:
long sleeved shirt
sweat pants
slip on shoes
granola bar
chocolate milk

more cat photos...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

black cats in my kitchen

Since it is October and since I collect black cats (just a few and not real ones -my real black cat died last January), thought I would share 2 photos of my kitchen, and one of my kids wearing orange -ha -with white and black cat. Orange and black seem to go together. Some of the cats make me happy because of the people who gave them to me...(actually you can see the potholder that Amy gave me for my 50th, which makes me laugh -and am going to paint a friend's cats, hopefully for the person's b-day, and that will be a happy project)It does make me happy to envision October, black cats, colorful trees and of course autumn running...only if shared of course. off on a tangent, I am reading a book for my book club called 'stumblng on happiness' by Daniel Gilbert --it is not a self help book but has lots of insights and interesting stuff --my friend Christine went to Harvard and he was her psych professor...the premise -if we are lucky enough to find some things that make us happy we must hold on to them...but the book is scientific...right now the author is talking about brain surgery, and how it alters thinking...should be interesting to hear what my book club friends think, after a couple glasses of wine...and finally, my friend Karen Newman goes in for breast surgery tomm...and Myriam just had knee surgery today --wishing a speedy recovery to both of you.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

photos from the Great Pumpkin 4 miler

yes, I wimped out big time today...instead of a 6 hour race (30-35 miles) did a 4 mile road race -bad...I was on feet all day yesterday at a cub scout/boy scout camp-o-ree and so did something I rarely do -canceled on Rob. He nicely offered to give me a ride to the 6 hour. First of all, in terms of a last long run for NYCM, it beat me up way more than a slow/walk jog on dirt trails...and by noon, after jogging the course 2x (2 mile warm up), (with socializing and awards in between) had only run 15 miles. It did work out as Hank got a ride to his soccer game at Weston high school, and I went straight from race to soccer game. Took a detour into Devil's den and jogged on trails for 1:15, and then went to watch tail end of soccer game -so figure it was about 20 miles today. I saw Kate, marty, Ultra-star Andy cable, Joe LeMay (who won a crystal pumpkin paperweight)so great socializing -it was cold and windy, but I felt good throughout at 6:45s fo 27"05 --the last mile was tough, as I feel it in my legs from the 100 miler. Definately getting old and tired but always working on my speed -ha. I ended up coming in 10th overall?? and second 50s -yes, got soundly beaten by Stephanie Hahn, who ran 26:46!! I wanted to come down to Scarsdale 5K to see my friend Susan (Michael Goldman came up from Scarsdale for this! ha) )but never made it --I hope she won the 50s:); hope Frank's daughter did well...I do love that course but can afford 3 entry fees:)
Rob ran 32 miles!! in the 6 hour --great job. Here are some photos...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Oct../halloween sights in NYC

While walking around the city today, I spied lots of fun Halloween decorations, plus tons of big pumpkins --I met some art classmates at the Royal Hoticultural center for an art show, and walked up to the Met Museum after. On the way, saw a spooky building -a sure sign of Halloween. At the Met, wandered up to the rooftop where saw jeff Koons sculptures on the roof. I agree with my mother. They are nothing to write home about. But the view from the Met rooftop is spectacular. Then, toured the twentieth century wing and the new British photography exhibit. After walking around 6 miles (West 37th to 90th street, around and back), I treated myself to a big cup of coffe and $1.20 Zaro's bagel (yikes)...October is my favorite month -I want to hike, bike, and see cultural exhibits, paint (unfortunately or fortunately do have some jobs)...and want the same for my kids!! Depressing that the month goes so fast. But November is a good month too. Signs of the NYCM are already popping up in the city!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

R.I.T. Brick city 5K -Oct 12

O.K. -admittedly, this wasn't the first race I would pick this weekend (Staten island 1/2 or great train race to name a few would be before) -however, I was thrilled when i read that R.I.T had an on-campus 5K Sunday morning of parents/homecoming weekend.This was the 3rd annual 5K, and this beautiful morning brought out 200 runners! A mix of parents, students, alumni and townspeople. We arrived on campus about 9:15, and as luck would have it, the race started right under Andrew's dorm, He didn't have too far to walk to see his mom and grandparents. Imagine my surprise when I pulled out a $20 bill and they said the race was free! Plus, we got nice grey t-shirts (no orange -the school colors are orange and brown) an they had an extra for andrew. The boys x-country team was volunteering on course, and the girls' team was away at a meet.
I felt good, but decided I wouldn't kill myself -just run easy. At the start, I had a chat with a local couple who had run part of the Canandagua 50K the day before!!
They announced that they would have prizes for first student, non-student and alumni; male and female. OK, good -I decided to try for first non-student. I started slowly, and pulled ahead of about 5 women -first mile 6:45...kept pushing and passed 2 more women (both young)..second mile 6:50?? Beautiful course through the quarter-mile walk and the quad, and then last mile very fast around the outside of campus --as I was finishing, someone said 'first woman' --the clock said 21:09, so I was pleased.
My parents were waiting and confirmed that I was indeed first! The irony of it. The first boys, they said, finished in 16 minutes! My parents then took andrew to the book store while I jogged 2 miles and came back -my prize was a $25 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. We said goodbye to andrew and hit the road... I changed clothes in the car and when we stopped for coffee and gas in Binghamton, i did the driving...
hard to believe as I write this that we were at R.I.T this morning! Oh, and Hank did a 14 mile hike this weekend but doesn't want me to mention him in my blog:)

R.I.T. 'Brick City' parents' weekend/homecoming

Despite a whirlwind trip (Friday-Sunday)to Rochester to visit Andrew, we had a great time -Rochester is a fun city! More importantly, Andrew's roommate went home for the weekend so he able to sleep in, thus being in a less cranky mood. He seems very happy -he has joined a fraternity (they had a big bonfire party Friday night so we took him out for dinner, and he stayed up backtrack, Ike and I met my parents on 1-87 at the Sloatsburg rest area. Hank was on a boy scout multi-day hike, and trip stayed home for his mom's sister's funeral. So the 4 of us drove up on that glorious Friday -rest day for me, but i needed a rest. We got to campus and met Andrew and took a 2 mile walking tour of his classes and campus (photos are posted) -then went to dinner..
in the morning, I slept in while Ike and mom and dad went to bookstore and had breakfast -I then ran from hotel to R.I.T. and 4 miles around campus...then they picked me up at bookstore. After shower at hotel, we went into the Erie canal city of Pittsford and had lunch and ice cream...then went up the historic street of East Avenue and to the fabulous George eastman museum and elephant head is in the living room as Eastman was a big safari hunter -UGH!! Then we went to the historic area of High Falls,by the old Genesee brewing company -looked like lots of fun bars overlooking the site!!! Then, we went to Outback steak house where we sampled some Sam Adams Oktoberfest and I had tuna sushi --Andrew has lost 15 pounds at school and wasn't eating all that much...I ate for him. Sunday a.m. we went to campus so that i could run in the R.IT Brick city 5K --they got 20 runners on a glorious sunday a.m. and I felt good, ended up running 21:09 --I was dismayed that the family wouldn't walk it --it was free and the best tour of campus!! But they gave Andrew an extra t-shirt --see post above.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ted Corbitt 24 hour race --Oct 4-5 -101 miles -23 hours!

this will be a quick report and another more detailed report will follow. I am still mentally and physically exhausted from the ordeal of running for an entire 24 hours on a 1.2 mile path in a Queens Park --I ran 100 miles in 22 hours, 35 minutes --the first time have run under 24...and very proud of Frank and Rob for running over 90 miles!! and Brennen came in 4th with 108?? miles.
since this is October, the night started out 60 degrees and comfortable and around 4 a.m. the heavens opened up and a cold rain pounded the runners when they were the most fatigued --the morning stayed cold and rainy. Mentally, this was the toughest thing I have ever done --kept going around this insane loop when my feet were killing me and everything hurt --'why??' was the question I asked in my head at 3, 4 and 5 a.m. but then I tarted to feel good and started to be in the zone, knowing that I could achieve 100 miles... Byron Lane won with an amazing 123 miles?? Jody Reicher was on pace for the same miles (her marathon split was 3:20!!!!!) but she dropped out as she was way ambitious with the pace. Hanna Shoen won with 105 miles.
This was an incredible event --as much as I dreaded pounding the pavement (as opposed to a nice trail race in the October woods) what made this journey so special were the people...first of all, I entered with Frank and Rob and we planned to all work together as a team, especially to get Rob to his first 100 mile finish. Secondly, this was a run in remembrance of the great ultramarathoner Ted Corbitt and his son!!! ran..his son was a presence throughout the race --he made a presentation at the start, ran throughout the day and came back for the finish and the awards.
I started out really tired, and wasn't sure what I could achieve or wanted to run.
Frank had a bad cold, and is recovering from anemia so he wasn't sure how many miles he would run (as it turned out he did 91!!)-Rob wanted 100 badly but had plantar (this would be his downfall as the plantar felt good and he was forced to drop out at mile 90 --such a bummer. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was, as ironically, Rob's positive attitude through the night was what pushed me on to finishing my own race. He kept us going on an 18 minute -loop schedule which would put us into the 24 hour/100 mile zone -- I wanted to quit so badly, but he pushed me on...with 20 miles o go, I ended up feeling good (well, everything hurt but was ale to push past that), and running some 10 minute miles, and finishing the 100 with over an hour to spare!
I even got to walk my 101rst loop with Frank and Barbara! I wanted to put in another loop so I could say I ran farther than ever before --the woman's leader was well ahead of me so it was a symbolic loop...Barbara told us that my reward for doing this would be to quit this crazy ultra world -haha.
more details later!!