Monday, September 29, 2008

Ted Corbitt 24 hour race --needs runners and volunteers

Hard to believe that the B.U.S. 24 hour run is coming up this Saturday ---10 a.m. in Juniper Park, Queens (right off Van Wyck)...while I not sure what kind of miles I will want to do, will definately participate in one way or is not too late to sign up. Ritchie needs volunteers also in this labor-intensive (read -food, lap counters!!!!!!!!!! they need lap counters) event. If you do want to come and even run for part of te event and volunteer it promises to be an experience you will never forget. Here is the information on contacting Ritchie, plus info on the event on
Frank's blog
entry form link

Pictured above is my friend Jody Lynn, who ran 110 miles at a 24 hour race in July!!
see how much FUN she is having??

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soggy 18 mile NYRRC marathon tune-up -

Frank and Rob survived my erratic driving and parking plan this a.m. (in the dark!)and we made it to the 7 a.m. marathon tune-up (Central Park) with 15 minutes to spare...we arrived in the city at 6:32 ad had time to park --we went across 102nd street and Frank said 'go down 5th' and Rob said 'go down Park' and they wee both right --however, I stubbornly went back to third, and then did a loop back --after we finally parked on 106th street (I learned my lesson to listen to them) we ran to the baggage area (plus bathroom for me)and lined up -I lost Frank but lined up with Rob --it was 93 percent humidity!! This was the third NYRRc race in sept with bad first mile was 7:45 -up the Northern end of the park, and I lost Rob but he stayed behind me ---in theory I knew that if I wanted to do the 24 hour should probably not be racing this a.m. but then again, one never can tell how you will feel from weekend to weekend as I felt so miserable lat weekend with god weather:( --we had run 60K the week before Umstead..although I could have moved at a faster pace, 7:30s seemed comfortable and that was promising -my toes hurt (from wearing smallish shoes this week)but I finished 2 loops in 1:30 - the last loop lost a minute and a half but that was Ok as had to dodge a zillion slower runners on lap 2!! I passed friends Ana and Hiro, and ran with Corrina and Patrice...thank goodness it was over, and then as I was talking to a Greenwich friend, Frank and Rob finished --we changed, and hopped a luxury shuttle bus (let me back up and say that Frank and I signed up for a retirement series brunch after the race, for free, where we got lots of goodies)
down to Tavern on the green ---what a treat to be in this Tiffany -decked restaurant with the views of the park, and we were treated to some good speakers (Mary wittenberg, espn exec, and Katherine switzer). They nicely allowed Rob to come in and we met my friend Neil Cook. When we left it was pouring --I kept thinking 'wonder what it was doing at the Vermont 50??'. Rob's plantar was bothering him but Frank was feeling much, much stronger, so my hopes are that they both do well this weekend...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The cats, lemers, and other creatures at Bronx Zoo

This a.m. was going to actually take my 10 year old to soccer and watch him...but rain cancelled all the games -so we went to Bronx zoo and movies --here are some photos of the Tigers (for meredith and tammy:))) and my own fat black and white cat, for contrast , and the lemers and frogs of Madagazcar....and one sad polar bear and a few cold giraffes:((( I do love the zoo -now to combine some dahlias and cats in a painting? BTW, the Tigers peed on the glass, much to the delight of the young kids...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dahlia show at Garden Ed. Center -9/26

And now for something completely non -running related...the colors and shapes of Dahlias have always captured my attention as a painter, and in the yards of Normandy, where my mother-in-law lives, Dahlias grow in all shapes and fact my mother-in-law is a champion Dahlia-grower, and when we visit in August I try and take advantage of sketching those gorgeous flowers.
So decided to drop into the first annual Greenwich Garden Education center Dalia show to take some photos--free, colorful and fun. These photos show some of the prize-winning flowers -one that won first was called 'purple velvet, and it does look like velvet. Now time to get to work and do something with the photos...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

photos from fall frolic 30K -9/21/08

I don't know what got into Rob but suddenly he wanted to volunteer at the Fall Frolic 30K -a new beachside loop course in Stratford--he needed a rest day from the 6 hour, and so Frank and I decided to go up with him. Here are a few photos but for better race photos, check Frank's blog!!! (scroll down to sept 21, past the hanging man).. We ended up having fun, helping out, and each ran a loop of the course. Congrats to Kate, Dawn and Don for great races in the 30K! We got to the Stratford beach at 7:20, 10 min. before the start and Marty said that he needed help at the water station in front of his house. We helped Sherry (who left to go take photos on course)and Marty's father set up -Rob mixed up Gatorade and Frank poured water. Soon the first wave of runners passed by --perfect weather and in fact so chilly that I had to sit in my car or go in Marty's house!!
I did visit the 'cat lady' across the street during a lull. After the second wave of runners (passing thru loop 2), Frank and I ran one loop. We then came back, and Rob and I ran another loop --we started out with Don, who was on mile 13. Kate caught up with us and she and Rob pulled ahead --I was tired but my only goal was just to get in another 6.2 to make it 50 miles for the weekend --Frank helped clean up and got a ride back to the start --then Rob and I jogged back to Marty's house and drove to the beach. After socializing, we treated ourselves to coffee on the way home. The new 30K is a beautiful course --Jimand Marty hoping to keep this new venue for the fall...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

photos from staten island 6 hour run -- 9/20/08

The Richmond Rockets put on this Staten Island Ultra, and it is a nice event with one exception ---the traffic getting back from Staten Island!! For this reason, would definately think twice about running this again as didn't get home until 6 which caused me considerable unrest at home --and because the race was on a Saturday, I missed 2 soccer games (fortunately Ike's team was playing the neighbor's team so they kindly took him)...anyway, this was the second year that I have run this --last year, came in 3rd woman with 34.5 miles --this year ran 37 miles and was 6th!! But the women in front of me all had great races, especially Gail, Susan (only her 3th ultra), and Kelly from Staten Island who won w/40 miles or so. I swear, i felt so out of gas and tired at the beginning wanted to drop out after an hour --my shoes weren't comfortable, and my achilles hurt...blah, blah...but did get my second wind and was able to crank out 7 miles in the last 1:10 (paced by Kelly, the winner). As for the men, Frank did awesome with 32 miles -only one less than last year, and that was because he slowed down. Rob's race was disappointing in that he was in shape to ru 40 miles but is plantar fasciatis was bothering him and he had to stop and walk...bummer.
I hope that it will hold up for the 24 hour --if not he'll do what he can do with ice and advil. Brennen came in 3rd overall male with 41 miles after Byron and Phil (a close race --they both ran 48 miles)---also saw Grant, Barbara, Shir, Aland all the other BUS members ---sadly, no BUS series will happen next glad I took part this year! The series is going by the wayside of Mystic, Westchester and Dutchess marathons!!! Richie is retiring. But he did announce yesterday that he has 30 or so people for the 24 hour on Oct. 4 --BTW, the weather was spectacular!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Norwalk 1/2 marathon/Queens...1/2

This Saturday, Frank, Gail and I manned a water stop at the Norwalk 1/2 marathon --our stop was at mile 5 and 11 (it is a loop course) and situated at the top of a long hill, so the runners were all in need of water!! The time went by quickly --it was actually hard work, being on our feet for 2 1/2 hours....and we knew 50 percent of the field, so could cheer our friends on. We were happy that Frank got his tests back and everything normal except for the anemia --he just needs to take iron and get a few more tests and will be on the road to recovery.. And who should I see running but an old New York girlfriend,Dale!! It was good to connect with her again. Iwas so proud of our friend Kate (shown in photo with her hardware) for getting 3rd place in her age group in the summer series!!! Great job, Kate..While I was doing this, my son Hank went on a 12 mile hike at Mohonk mtn house...I had dropped him off early at the scout house so had to get up anyway! He had a great time, leaving me with Ike for the afternoon ---we went to a library open house and had ice cream and snow cones. Last night, I tossed and turned --was invited to a big party but declined as just wasn't into socializing and drinking (not like me) --it was a dreary, rainy night!..probably fell asleep at midnight and the alarm clock went off at 5 --ugh...met Rob and Don at cos cob train station for the Queens 1/2 marathon --we had a great time talking in the car even at that early hour --Don was exhausted from Yesterday -and got to the streets by MacNeil park at 6:10 --we walked a mile to the start, where we parted ways (I put Don's shirt in my bag) --I was in the second corral and at 7 a.m. we were off -way, way too early for speedwork!! But I wanted to take this race fairly seriously and so ran the first 3 miles in 7:10 -but the humidity and temps and my tired body wold not allow me to keep up the pace so scaled back and ended up finishing in 1:35 -good for first place in age group (marie on vacation, sharon injured so luck).
I think I won my entry fee back -haha -we met at the end, and walked back to the car -Don even bought cokes and pepsis for us. Then, my other son got invited on a hike--way too hot --and I left at 2:30 to get ice, and go set up for a school party...thankfully it's over. Just remembered my 9th grader has trumpet at 6 a.m. tomm -ugh...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Hurricane of a weekend

As I write this the weather is amazing --on the hot side but sunny with no humidity.
Yesterday I ran in the NYRR Fitness 4 miler ---it was a team race. I was on the fence about running the 4 miler versus the Norwalk 1/2 marathon -both were Sat sept 6...
as 'luck' would have it, the 1/2 was postponed until next saturday due to impending wind and rain!! So........I had to race in the 4 miler in 99 percent humidity -darn.
When I got to central park, the men had finished their run ---they were just drenched. The air was steamy, thick...I lined up with 5,000 women and Sue Piersal said to me 'think of it as a fun run' i did --I relaxed the first couple of miles and still ran 6:45s but then the wheels came off and couldn't breathe -had to slow way down...finished in 27:54, good enough for 2nd 50s in the females and our team came in second. The Nike central park track women are tough -we were 5 min behind them!! So even if I set a PR, we wouldn't have come in first... socialized after and had a good time..between jogging to start and jogging back tot he car, ran 8.
That afternoon, the rain came in ---my cat tried to bring in a frog and a snake!! before and after the rains --both got away unharmed and will not let her out now...
this morning I dragged myself up at 6:15 to meet Don, Rob and Frank to go to the Nyack 10 miler --Francoise was running it also and we'd meet her there..Frank decided not to run but to jog 5 miles of the course as he has bad anemia and is being treated...he also took photos --good ones, too --see Frank's blog -I wasn't really into racing but ended up feeling pretty good running at a 7:30 pace --Rob finished right behind me, and Francoise and don and Staci finished shortly thereafter --the course is just beautiful, and at the turn around on the pier (we went thru the town of south nyack and along the water) I caught up with Yuki, who is just coming back from shin splints. After, we got ice cream from the ice cream truck --it never tasted so good!! We also got power bars, beer and iced tea...I had to leave to get Hank to soccer so Francoise picked up my 50s trophy --next week can run 2 1/2 marathons if want to. I have not been motivated to do long runs on the weekend so wonder how the 6 hour in 2 weeks will work out --but at this point, better to be more rested!
This week start art class, have book group and tons of meetings --in between will try and get my bike tire pumped so can get out biking. The fall weather will come soon, hopefully --oh, also having lunch on the 12th with Susan --can't wait for that!
Same day that Frank will be in the hosptial getting a colonoscopy to look at his possible blood-loss problem..

Monday, September 1, 2008

photos from new haven 5K and 20K

I woke up this a.m. at 6:15 to amazing weather -just perfect. I carpooled from Stamford up with Rob and decided in the car that I would do well running the 5Kand then jogging after --I just wasn't up to racing the 20K, having run 10 on sat and 6-plus last night (yes, should have rested Sat or sunday but this is good ultra training). Besides, I hate having to rest sat and sun for a monday race! So, we got to the green and saw tons of friends including John...and at the hi-tek tent Marty, Bekkie, Joe, Art, Rob and Monica...also saw Don warming up. Frank elected not to come as another steep entry fee, bu I had to laugh as the only person he knew last night was Ruth and he would have seen so many of his friends this a.m. I never saw Kate! I lined up at the 5K with Michael from scarsdale --my first mile was 6:30 ad I actually felt good! quads tired, achilles discomfort but my breathing was good --got thru second mile in 6:30 and last mile in 6:40 ---Rob had been joking with me that I was not taking my racing seriously:( --so even though I was pleased to run 20:28, I still wimped out big time --ended up running the last 6 miles of the course with my fried Maria, and definately would have been too tired to race it!!. Afterward, we got iced coffee, beer,and bread...and socialized a hi-tek.

photos from Nike Human race -aug 31

Last night's Nike human race 10K was a fiasco of a race but I had fun just the same partaking in this event of 10,000 runners --it was a gorgeous night. I went into the city early (thus getting in trouble for not bringing my kids, who didn't want to go anyway)to an art gallery, book store, etc.and had a great time walking across the bridge and back --the lights of the city were just addition to jogging this 6.2 mile claustropobic race in a 9 minute pace, the walking added up to 3 miles, probably! I felt physically tired and wondered if I would rally to run New Haven...the best part about the race also was a one-hour concert after,by the All American Rejects,complete with fireworks. The race itself was a disaster, with way too many people crammed into the sidewalks of Randall's island ---the only one I knew besides Frank was Ruth!!! But our friend Jill V. won for the women! I suspect these were corporate and beginner runners -oh, an the race started 1/2 late -inexcuseable.
I would do this event again, but not the night before New haven --I actually would have had a great time watching in Icahn stadium or volunteering! But as I said, walking over is the best pat --here are my photos of the red runners witing or bus and port-o-john!