Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nipmck Trail marathon --2007 photo

tommorrow I will head, with Frank and Rob, first thing in morning, to the Nipmuck Trail marathon in Ashford, CT...I had always wanted to do this race and had looked into it 10 years ago but it seemed too arduous and I hadn't done any long trails runs --so the first time I ran it was last year with Frank. He ran it the day after God's Country marathon! Last year I ran it after VT City marathon and Queens 50K -it was a rainy, soggy day I am mentally tired, having had 3 late nights in a row -hosted my book club, then went to a concert, then helped at a cub scout dinner. I woke up early today for a boy scout hike, which was sadly postponed because of threat of thunderstorms. We hiked locally instead but I would have killed to sleep in but Hank had a good time, and then went swimming and took Ike to baseball practice. Am worried about tomorrow, as it is the week after a 50 miler but my legs are more used to walking -running slowly than to speedwork! Next weekend will be a break with slow, shorter races -it's Kate's birthday on Friday. We'll see:) what the future brings.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pineland Farms 50 miler

before the race!!!
me and my 'jane deere' award

PIneland Farms 50 mile trail race --May 25, 2008

A quick report on Pineland Farms (will follow up tomm with full race report), as have to get the kids out on this holiday day...I drove up with Frank on Saturday --we had the best time visiting Portland venues (beer tasting --big burger also at 3-dollar dewey's)--we got our race stff at maine running co. and met up with Sarah, Nate, adam, anthon, wayne, meredth and eddie and staci -all friends running the 50 miler (staci the 50K) ---we got up bright and early (I had tossed and turned until midnight) at 4:45 and drove to the Pineland Farms campus where the 50 mile race -3 loops of 15 miles plus 5 -started at 6 a.m. I ran the first 11 miles (beautiful shaded trails, up and down ridges and across open fields)with anthony and wayne. I didn't feel great. I had a tight calf and felt tired and tight, and conceded that I am over-trained from the 3 50Ks and the races I have done since Umstead. Took it vey easy at a 12 minutes pace and walked the hills. Frank was about 20 minutes ahead. They sped up and I hooked up with Diane and chista, 2 women running my pace --we finished the marathon in about 4:45, and I started to feel better. (This was Diane's first foray beyond 26 miles, and she ended up finishing in 10:12!!!). I caught up with Frank at mile 33 --he was walking from dehydration -we stayed together until mile 40, when i realized that I could come in under 10 hours and set a PR. I was feeling good from the walk breaks and didn't need to walk anymore. I cranked out the last 7 miles in an 11 minute pace, and passed all the men and chista, who had passed me. I went by Wayne and Staci at mile 47 and said hello --wayne said anthony was having a great day (he finished in 9:27, setting a big PR)- I ended up finishing in 9:38 --4th woman overall -and a PR by 21 minutes. Wayne followed in 9:45 and Frank in 10:10 --we cheered on meredith and eddie and adam, had burgers and beer.
Everything worked out except for traffic -arghh -on the drvie home.

Friday, May 23, 2008

May Craziness

Hard to believe it is the Friday of Memorial day will begin like almost every afternoon of mine: with a trip to the Orthodontist and then to the baseball field. Ike is getting braces and so we have been going to the dentist once a week. His rubber bands fell out so this afternoon we must go -and then he plays baseball at or soccer almost every night. Today also my high school senior is giving blood. He is working (during his Senior internship) at the Red Cross. They told him that he is big enough to give a double dose..he is nervous but s proud of himself for giving -I would but can't before this weekend! In fact, am probably very low in iron and need a big hamburger today or tommorrow. I would like to go for a bike ride today but too much to do and don't want to introduce new muscle groups before a long run. So, rest today:( on this beautiful day. Going to volunteer at the high school.
Have been tired all week and think I am sinking into over-training mode. well, on to Pineland Farms 50K/50 miler. Will drive to Portland, ME tomorrow ---the course, which is in the Pinelands area of Maine --has enough twists and turns in it just to make one dizzy --it looks like a sausage. Have no clue what is in store but we have a big group of friends going!!! This should be fun. Anthony P., Meri, eddie, Wayne, Staci, Adam, Jim (from Greenbelt),Frank and many others to talk to on course.
John Gibbons will be doing the relay in VT City --Myriam and Todd J. will run the Marathon --I would give anything to do both:) --I regret leaving my kids at home on sat and sun. but they will go swimming at our club and eat at the snack bar -they do not want to spend 10-plus hours in car and 12 hours at a race!!
I have so much to do for the 4th of July race!! Will publish our t-shir desisgn later...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

2 races --BSA 5K (5/15) and Healthy Kidney 10K (5/17)

well --I have had enough of this speedwork for now, on tired legs. All and all,knock on wood, my weight is 3-5 pounds above racing weight and I have no injuries but just fatigue from Umstead, Lake Waramug, Bear Mtn,Sybil, Brooklyn 1/2 and Greenbelt...
I lined up at the 5/15 Thursday night Boy scout 5K and, with aching quads, was just going to run it at a 9 minute pace. But my breathing was good, and the first woman was right ahead of me so Frank pushed the pace for me so we could catch up to her...(here I am racing a girl 25 years younger than me) -she fell back, but I was able to maintain a 7 min pace. Frank finished right behind. I did this low-key race as it is a contribution to Boy scouts and I am a boy scout mother,but don't think I'd do it again as it gets to be a late night. Although I do like nght running and everything is good training for a 50-100 miler, which is run that time of night .I did have a nice time in the city before the race walking up to NYRRC and the Met museum, and count those 5 miles walking as cross training! Then, on Friday realized I had overdone it (as one really doesn't need speedwork for ultras) and a rainy, depressing day ensued. Took the day off...decided to run the Healthy Kidney 10K as my masters team (Taconic RR) needed me -we had Karen Davis and 3 50s was just a matter of a tempo run. Was awake all last night with sore chest and couldn't decide whether to go or not...but did. And as I was putting my chip on found Frank.
Then saw Susan and all the taconic team members. My first mile was 7:30s and felt tough --I could not breathe, because of the sore chest, asthma and allergies -arghh
By mile 3 (after a few 7 minute miles) I felt miserable --had to slow down and walk some --picked it up the last mile and finished with Karen in 44:43. So our team came in 6th -but better than not having one. This was a race where I could have set a PR and not placed so to run a 7:12 pace was good enough. Susan ran 43:?? to take the 50s!!! Congrats Susan! Frank followed, having run 4 minutes faster than his mother' day 10K. I think no more NYRRC races for me until Sept., when I focus on just shorter races. It is too much of a disadvantage to have to line up tired..the other shorter races will be modified speedwork...and to think that as I write this those Massanutten people are not even at the 1/2 way point yet -wow.

NY Botanical Garden -Darwin's Garden

This week was a busy week -emotional in some ways ..I did pay a visit on Wed. to the NY Botanical Garden --aside from the wonderful Henry Moore sculptures around the grounds, the Conservatory featured 'Darwin's Garden' -it displayed some of the species that he found and loved (black poppies), his notebooks and artifacts -in a makeshift office -and so many wonderful flowers. On Thursday for a long art class, this gave me inspiration. We painted azaleas...then ran in a night 5K, took a rainy day off, and ran in healthy kidney 10K --tired! from 50K still.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ride for Greenwich bike ride

The Ride for Greenwich bike ride was a huge success, although I had to miss a Mother's day race to help out. I couldn't have raced anyway after the Greenbelt 50K. I ran the 7 mile course, then helped out and rode the 7 miles again with Ike. We had over 100 participants in this family ride!! The sunny and cool weather helped bring out lots of people who registered the day of the event!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Greenbelt 50K-5/10/08 -hidden photos!

We also saw Elizabeth Thompson at the race! and got our BUS 2007 awards -I left mine at the clubhouse:(

Greenbelt (LI) 50K --Sat., May 10 -photos

Despite the dry day and great friends and volunteers, I never felt good today -dragging this first half of this trail 50K (some steep hills, roots and pilings, some nice runnable terrain) and feeling slightly better the second half, finishing in 6:45 --11 minutes faster than last year. This was about the time I expected.
I did not get to run with Frank or Rob but did get the pleasure of running with Anthony and Amy,an amputee who was out to set the 50K amputee world record!!!Anthony was tired also from the NJ shore marathon -oh, and we also ran with Scott.
It was tough out on the trails today -Stacy, Frank, Rob, Anthony all finished well.
Ahead of us was Grant, Patrick, Byron and about 7 women!! more to follow -the volunteers were great. As I write this (about to drag myself down to make dinner after loading the car for tommorrow) I am filled with lactic acid!!! Have never felt this beat up --time for a break.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ride for Greenwich Bike ride -T-shirt!

mother's day bike ride on Sunday

I am co-chair of a family bike ride on Sunday that benefits Greenwich safe cycling-
here is the press release--we have 100 people signed up so far! hope it goes well.
The Sixth Annual ‘Ride for Greenwich’
Please join Greenwich Safe Cycling for our 6th annual family bike ride on Sunday, May 11--a fun and active way to spend this Mother’s day morning. Organized by Greenwich Safe Cycling, the Ride includes 2 routes -- a 7 mile family ride, which winds its way around scenic Old Greenwich and Tod’s Point, and a 1.5 mile beginners’ ride. Cyclists can start anytime between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Both rides start and end at the Old Greenwich Civic Center on 90 Harding Road, Old Greenwich. The cost is $10 per adult and $5 per child 12 and under (Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult). The lower entry fee is intended to cover costs. Any proceeds in excess of expenses go to GSC.
All children pre- registered by Wednesday, May 7 receive a T-shirt. Ride-day registration will be available, and all kids’ finishers get medals, and mothers will receive a special treat. Participants also get a map and refreshments, including bagels from Upper Crust Bagel Company. Routes will be patrolled and marked. Festivities include games and prizes for children. Come join GSC!!
Entry forms can be found in the office or in local bike shops, fitness centers and libraries. You may also e-mail for a form or more information.
GSC is a non-profit, tax exempt organization consisting of Town residents –both serious cyclists and occasional recreational riders of all ages ---whose mission is to make Greenwich a community in which Bicycling and walking are accepted as convenient and comfortable modes of transportation and recreation. Working with the town’s Department of Public Works, GSC has been instrumental in the preparation by professional consultants of a master bike plan.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

spring running at Tod's point

I ran down to Tod's point on Sunday and ran into my friend Francoise, and Karen newman (who had just finished the Point biathlon)..John was there to cheer her on.
Took some photos of the spring trees inall their glory and of the biathlon finishers!
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Photos from Brooklyn 1/2 marathon -May 3, 2008

Thanks to Pat for driving us, Rob, Frank and I got dropped off at chilly Coney Island
where the Brooklyn 1/2 started -it was cold and blustery at the start and we saw all the mens' Taconic team members and Lee, Cathy and Deb at the start --my only goal was to run below an 8 minute pace --it was completely uncharted territory to 'race' as I had onlybeen doing slow distance --Frank started out quickly and Rob caught up with me -I was laboring at a 7:30 pace. BUT did start t get into a rythnm and feel better and kept telling myself -just stay at 7:20s --it's only 9 more miles!!! and I really pushed it at the end as I knew NYRRC Prez. Mary Wittenberg was right behind me!
I just love this course, except for the headwind on Ocean Parkway, and the one long hill in Prospect Park-- I ended up finishing in 1:35 and our team came in 6th in ladies' 40s with Lee and Cathy (both over 50 scoring)...Frank came in a few minutes behind and then Rob --running in his first Brooklyn 1/2 --no Don this year.
I wish Frank and/or I had taken some photos of Prospect Park and coney island -

Friday, May 2, 2008

volunteering at Sri Chinmoy Multi-day race -May 1, 2008

Here are some photos from the 6 and 10 day Sri Chinmoy Multi-day races...Frank and I helped with the scoreboard, which was not easy to keep up with, as the runners came through every mile. Some did not have their bibs on, and the announcers called them by name, which was confusing. Tents and kitchens were set up, and the runners were albe to indulge in pizza, and eclairs -even in the pouring rain. I knew Barbara, Fred and Bob so cheered for them every lap, even though they looked abit down. What was amazing about the whole race was that there runners had covered 200, 300, 400 or more (the winner was up to 700-plus) miles on a one mile loop course!!! The announcers were wonderful, cheering on every runner as they went through. We also met the race director, and gabriele and Michel's son helped us tremendously during the 6 hours we were there --I abandoned ship when the rain started coming down heavily, and had to get home anyway --thinking of those runners now on their last day!