Monday, August 31, 2009

August update -family trip to Normandy

this is the first time in a month have updated my blog-haven't been too inspired as it seems this foot injury will never disappear --sprained ligaments that keep getting re-injured every time i run:(...YES, i was a bad patient in France it would have been impossible for me to rest...after a 10 day trip, got back from France Friday, Aug 28 after a 7 hour trip (but watched 4 movies on airplane, and read book). The travel over is stressful, but it was great when in this idyllic spot; a huge house with 10 bedrooms, a guest cottage, and miles of forest trails, water views of siene and friendly people --best of al, motorists are so used to bikers that they gave me a wide berth while running and biking so it's much safer than in the U.S....
and although we had a good time with all the cousins (20 people were staying at my mother-in-law's house), we did not do as much touring as i would've liked -no Paris and no Normandy beaches. But the weather in 'Haute Normandie' was amazing --every day low humidity, sunshine and in high 60s (actually, like today, as i write this!)....each day, a group would go running 3-4 miles in the morning, but since i was jet lagged i would sleep trough this 9 a.m. jog -my son, andrew, however, went every day with the group. Then i would be left to my own devices, and would usually run for an hour and a half in trails (but lots of small rocks so a couple times re-injured my foot by stepping hard on a rock)...I had the desire to do a 20 mile run or a 5 hour hike but it didn't work out..then we'd go to a beach or go to a market in a neighboring town, or i'd bike. Then, as everyone loves to shop for food and cook, we'd have huge dinners outside-late at night too, so definately gained weight --don't weigh myself but can feel it around my middle!! So back to square one --extra pounds and injury --arghhh!! Did get lots of painting photos and ideas!!!Rain forecasted for Sat., but wanted to run the Westport 9.3 miler as did take 2 rest days before came home. So, I did despite pouring rain driving up.
Felt endurance completely gone, and foot had swelled up on plane...and even a 7:30 pace was a struggle-out of shape!. But I made it, and actually felt better the next day at the NYRRC x-country race --if we could run in VCP all the time i'd be so happy...wonderful trails! but we have waveny..amazing, I can run barefoot or in racing flats on grass with no pain at all.
Have been working on strengthening foot also..
In any case, I just found my training diary from France so though i'd type it in -
8/19 --arrived; slept for 4 hours, and woke up and jogged 6 miles
8/20 -slept til 10? ran 1:30 over country roads (@9 miles); 4 mile hike w/kids
8/21 -ran @9 miles; biked 15 miles around 5 p.m. --big dinner and cake for niece!
8/22 -ran @10-12 miles (some walking); hiked 4-plus miles with andrew
8/23--ran 10 miles; biked around 10 mies in p.m.;
8/24 ran 6 in a.m. ; 4 in p.m. --went to etratat and hiked -3 miles
8/25 biked 30 miles (18 a.m.; 12 p.m.)-ran 4 miles at noon
8/26 --ran 10 miles?? and biked to tigers w/andrew (10 miles)
8/27 --rest (finally)-travel day
not sure when i'll be able to run long again but hope that day will come soon!!!
Am excited for the maine marathon and want to be healthy for that --and the marathon tune up on the 27th...but for now, no more than 3 miles..

Monday, August 10, 2009

mid-august already???

me in Escarpment trail run before I stopped at 12.9 because of the mud and my foot

Ilana and I after the Taconic biathlon

Frank and I after the Taconic biathlon

it's tough having a fur coat in august!!

scenes from the aug. 8 NYRRC club team championship

I have been really lazy about updating my blog as basically have been running in pain and discomfort with a sprained foot --only drugs and ice seem to help. Got a fairly strong digital x-ray which showed no sign of stress fracture but inflamed ligaments and tendons. I ran only 3 times this week --tues. p.m. at waveny, fri. and sat. I 'tested' the foot out this Sat at the Club Team Championships -ouch!! For the first 2 miles it was Ok, but then I felt sharp pain on top of foot --not good..was able to crank out a faster last mile (6:45 -downhill) and breathing was labored but actually good for my lack of cross training and rest is the option for the week --fortunately have no races coming up (until New Haven 20K or 5K, Norwalk 1/2 and Maine marathon oct. 1, but can be in shape to jog that or even do the 1/2)--if it works will run the Westport aug 29 race. I can run but afterward foot is stiff and tender --not fun.
But when I think f the pounding i put my body through this winter to get read for Umstead and with general racing, and with the Memorial weekend trek, and with VT 100 miler-that's alot...I am just a bad patient and don't want to rest.
At first, it seemed funny that all of our friends are starting to put i long runs to gear up for fall marathons while I was recovering from VT (actually wasn't tired after 2 weeks)but now I am realizing that Oct. 4 and the Maine marathon is really close to 7 weeks away...but for now minimal mileage and get healthy again.