Monday, July 28, 2008

photos from the NYC 1/2 marathon

yesterday morning I dragged myself into the city to cheer on the World Lung Foundation runners (Frank, Pam, Ilana)and other runners in the NYC 1/2 and ended up running the last 5 miles with Frank -from central Park South to battery Park (sans finish line)
and through Times Square! Having just run 50 miles in the night, I wasn't too speedy -a 9 min. pace seemed fast --but I was impressed by the pace Frank kept after his 60 mile fortay --I can't wait to actually run this race offically....hope they do change it to next March.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Run around the Lake 24 hour ultra --July 25-26, 2008

Crazy to do a long run after VT?? Yes, but I was in the Ultra mode and I really just walked...Anyway, I have one hour here to pack for my son --at 2:30 will drive him up to Hartford (actually near Ashford)for 3 weeks' camp --so will make this brief -and continue tomm --(as tired as I am, don't mind the drive as he just got back from Costa Rica and so want to hear all about his trip --the frustrating thing is that he gave away the entire contents of his backpack --sandals, Nike flip-flops ,soccer shorts, every shirt and hat -now he has nothing to wear:( ) will write up a more detailed report tomm ...the bottom line was that I told Frank I would go up there and crew/run with him if he wanted to run, if he wants t do the 6 day race next April, this is good training!
So, the Wakefield '24 hour' was a success --the weather was actually petty nice. It was a switch this year -Frank was running shirtless at night and I was freezing (had stopped to rest for an hour)! Frank ended up running 60 miles -- a good compromise between 50 and 75 as he ran 13.1 miles this a.m., and needed to save some. I ran 50.56 (maybe 51 when you count walking around in parking lot;)) --most of it was walking. The timing was good as we were out of there by 12:30 (17 hours after race started) and I was home by 4. I have no idea how I did -probably last in the 24 hour as there were at least 5 ladies out there with 60 or so when we left at noon. We both agree that we wouldn't do it next year unless prepared to go 90-100 miles, as by the time you spend $$ on entry and gas, might as well put in the most miles possible !!! --but still, it worked out well as we did push the envelope after VT and while I was exhausted by the marathon mark, I ended up going twice that distance slowly!! (15 hours for 50 miles) ---the best part of the whole race was that my ultra-friend Jody Reicher (Phil McCarthy's friend)
had a guy crewing for her who had rigged an ice bath in a big plastic garbage can. I sat in that numbing cold for 30 minutes while Frank ran his last loops--it chilled all the muscle and blister pain and I felt like a million dollars when i got out. Now thinking we should set one up a the 12 hour -seriously:)

We ran into Friday afternoon traffic (the race started at 7 p.m.)going up as the earliest Frank could leave was 2:30 - I called the race director on my cell , told her we may miss the start and she was really nice and registered us beforehand....I wasn't even going to enter but you know me If I am at a race, might as well put a bib on and walk-I was just so fatigued from VT -wasn't really into pushing myself at all. We got there at 6:50 (over 4 hours) while everyone was lining up and listening to pre-race talk...we had no time to do anything --I had to tape my feet, change my clothes, go to bathroom, unpack car -forget about all of that. We put our shoes on and walked the first loop --Frank said we should get going and warm up and then come back and organize the that was good.
He then started running and I was going to catch up with him but somehow didn't --I ended up doing the marathon distance alone -mostly walk-run,
and when I did 8 laps, sat and waited for Frank (he had also been looking/waiting for me). This was a nice hour break --then he came around and we walked a couple loops with a marathon maniac guy ---finally Honey dew donuts was open (4 a.m.) so I went in and bought some coffee -then we took a 45 nap at the car -me lying in back, Frank in front seat ---by miles 41 I had had it, but wanted to do 50 -so close. we actually ran 2 loops to miles 44 and 47, and then Frank walked my last loop with me --then while e did 2 loops, I jumped in the hotel pool, organized the car, and sat in the ice bath
Still tired today --got up and went into the half marathon and ran 5 miles of it from central park to times square -
big news -read in Jim's Greenwich Time running column that they are going to have the NYC half in MARCH 2009, as summer conflicts with too many elite road races.
This way, the elites can use it as a tune up for Boston or London or whatever... so looks like we will get another chance to run it in the spring.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vermont 100 miler race report

Finally ---a long report for a long weekend...
Tales from the VT 100 Endurance Run -July 19-20
The week before the VT 100 Endurance Run (Silver Hill Meadow, Ascutney) went slowly --I gathered together drop bag items and started to pile them up, and decided that I would only run Tuesday and then not exercise the rest of the week. I tried to go to bed at 10 and sleep until 7:30 every night. I felt lucky to have gotton through the 10K in Central Park on Sunday and knew I was in good shape as it didn’t tire me, but Achilles discomfort was still around. I was looking forward to seeing all my running friends up in VT (the B.U.S. people, adam, sarah, tammy), to running most or all of the course with Frank, and to having Rob as a pacer –Rob planned to drive up Sat. afternoon, and meet me at mile 70 at 8 p.m. . With temps forecasted in the 90s with high humidity, I knew we would need him, and was most appreciative. Rob is a good friend and experienced ultra runner and a night person!
Since my younger kids were away at camp, and my teen and husband had to work Friday, I was going to drive up alone –in the middle of the week, though, I decided it would be a lot more fun and would save gas(and indeed it was)to hitch a ride with fellow runner and friend Wayne Bates, running his first 100, and his pacer Anthony P. –they were driving up Friday and staying at the Yankee Village Motel, where I also had a reservation. Plus, Anthony had just gotton back from crewing at Badwater so we could hear his tales and see pix. So we planned that I would pick up Anthony in White Plains, and together we would drive to Wayne’s in Brewster , which is on the way to Ascutney. Well, we got to Wayne’s (temp on Friday -94 degrees) around 10 a.m. and all piled into Wayne’s car...we had a fun trip up, and managed to hear every Badwater story and see all the pics. We went right to the start/finish tent at Silver Hill meadow, where I socialized, got weighed, got blood pressure taken, put out drop bags (a big bag for miles 47/70, with flashlight, headlamp, socks, shoes, clothes –which was later LOST!!! It went to another spot by mistake) ---we sat through the pre-race briefing (Hugo, bless his heart, gave me a bottle of Succeed caps, which would prove to be instrumental for salt intake) and then left to go check into the motel –as luck would have it, we met my friend Tammy at the motel, who said that she would give Wayne and I a ride to the 4 a.m. start at 2:50 a.m. , so Anthony could sleep in. The Yankee Village motel gave Wayne and Anthony a room (however shabby) with 3 beds –so after going to dinner and grocery store, we hung out in their room and put together our finish line bags, drug and S-cap bags, laughed a ton, and taped our feet and used Anthony’s computer… Wayne gave me a Vioxx to take at the start. At 9:30, I went to bed and tried to sleep –sleep didn’t come until 11:30, and before I knew it, tammy was knocking at my door at 2:30 -it was already steamy and hot when we drove to the start at 3 a.m. –we were all nervous for the hot, humid day ahead. The start area was buzzing with people –I met Frank and Pat, and socialized with Grant, Phil, Nick,Yuen, Steve, Denny, friends –had some coffee, bagel (no food available until mile 16) and filled hand –held water bottles. At 4 we were off into the dark. Most runners had a flashlight. I stayed with Frank, who was moving too quickly down a dirt road ---it felt funny to run after 3 days off. We leapfrogged a bunch of people and turned onto a trail ---it was here that we slowed down and relaxed and started to walk. The roads and trails were beautiful, and the hills came quickly – we even went through a covered bridge -by mile 10, Frank was soaked through and through. The first big aid station was Stage Road at mile 21 –Frank changed his clothes, and I got food, went to bathroom, and put my extra stuff in his bag. We then ran with Nick for awhile, until we hit a grassy trail ---we climbed p an enormous mountain with amazing views, and ran down a steep grassy trail where I could felt my left quad starting to pull –oh no!! Finally we got to Pretty House at mile 30, another aid station, where we ran into Grant. The sun was blazing and Frank was soaking again –we got some food and coke, and heed – too the 3rd of my S-caps, and some advil, and we walked down the road –we turned to the right –and surprise, another mountain to climb –Suicide Six ski area!! Frank had said that we climbed straight up, and he was right!! We trudged up the grassy trail, which I actually liked, and then went across, down, and back up ---the next ten miles were on rolling dirt roads and we did climb another ridiculously steep hill –it was after this that Frank started to complain that his body was breaking down –he was so dehydrated, and he was stating to feel like he would black out.
At mile 43, he was faltering --I walked with him for the next 3 miles up a road and into a trail. He couldn’t move. Finally with a ½ mile to camp ten bear (mile 47) where his wife and daughter would be waiting and where he cold get medical attention, I left him and ran ahead to get a medical guy to come get him. He chugged a bottle of water, and was still down 5 pounds. Meanwhile, I weighed in 3 pounds heavier (good) and Frank told me to push on. It turns out that he recovered after salt and fluids but his raw chafing would not let him go on –he would have run 53 miles in severe pain. We got into ten bear at 3 .m. and had been on our feet for 11 hours. I looked around for my drop bag ,a black canvas bag with my name on duct tape and could not find it –it was totally missing!!!
I started to feel good after the walking break with Frank, and started cranking and passing people –I was not happy to be alone, but the 100 miler is a solo effort. The heaven opened up just as I caught up with Adam on a muddy, single-track hill –are we having fun yet???’ I yelled over the torrential rain.
I passed Adam and got to mile 51 in 12 hours…the sun cam out, an I took another S-Cap. I then hooked up with a young guy from Plattsburgh running his first 100 –he also had left his friend, who was slowing with heat problems, behind at mile 30.
As luck would have it, this guy had an extra headlamp at mile 57 and said I could borrow it! I had mentioned to him that I was nervous about getting from mile 65 to 70 (dusk) without a light!!! After 57, we climbed miles of steep hills –I walked along with a girl from Oregon, who was in the rand Slam.
At the top of the hill –Margaritaville, I caught up to Steve, who had been detained at camp ten bear because his weight was down by 6 pounds!!! His quads were really sore (perhaps from Massanutten 100??) as he said he went out too fast. As he was trying to get his pace back, I had to push on alone.
I cranked the next miles as knew Rob was waiting for me at mile 70. I ran with a guy from Kansas who told me all about the Arkansas Traveller 100 –at this point my legs were tiring, my shoes and socks were soaked and I had blisters forming on both heels and sides of feet and I had trouble running for an extended time –we would run for 10 minutes, then stop and walk –lots of mud to step around. Finally we ran down the hill to ten bear , where I saw Rob waiting with Barbara . I was so happy to see him!!! He noted that my drop bag was missing (he was going to put his reading material in it) –I got weighed –up 2 pounds, had some cold coffee, a grilled cheese and off we went. The time from mile 70-77 progressed slowly as we were in dark trails with roots and rocks and it was foggy but Rob kept talking and we hashed out the day --I felt like walking for awhile and he said he would walk the whole thing with me if need be. Mile 77 aid station was a beacon in the darkness –it was about 11:30 p.m.
And I started to feel better –only 23 miles to go!!! We left and started running –Rob encouraged me to
Run on all the flats and gentle uphills –downhills were hurting my quads, so we walked. At aid station 81 we both needed to go to the side of the trail to go to the bathroom. I heard a loud noise, like a dog falling into a creek, and it was Rob!! He had stepped into a 4 foot ditch by mistake -- 2 aid station volunteers came running over and pulled him out. LOL!!! He was soaking….
Miles 81 to 88 were not easy, but no one passed us. We rolled into mile 83 to find Anthony waiting with wayne, who was passed out in a sleeping bag. He had been an hour ahead of me, and had crashed.
I was so happy to see Anthony, but one look at Wayne told us he might not make it.
He would end up crashing again, after sleeping for an hour, in a pile of leaves on the side of the road. 2 aid station volunteers put plastic kiddie cars from someone’s yard around him to protect him!!!!! Hysterical. But, he rose and finished in 27 hours –I was most amazed and proud of him!
We got to Bill’s garage –mile 88.7- at 1:30 a.m. and I was starting to fade mentally. I had some coke, got weighed in, and Rob ate some cookies and we both had a sandwich. Time to push on!
We then went through these miserable fields and trails with uneven terrain –tough after having run 90 miles. Finally we came out on the roads to some steep hills. But we were running and my quads started to feel better, and physically I felt good –when we finally got to mile 95, I knew we would finish, even if we had to crawl. Rob led the way and we ran down a hill, only to find a woman and her pacer confused –not glow sticks, and no pie plates!!!. As luck would have it, Dot, a race official, was driving down the hill and pointed the way –someone had vandalized the course!!! We cranked ahead of the woman, and I ran as hard as my body allowed, as we had some gentle dirt roads. Ah, but all was not easy –we hit the longest stretch of hills, followed by a horrible stretch of muddy single trail through the woods. (one good thing - daylight was coming, and we switched off our headlamps). All of this at mile 97-98!!!! Finally, a nice stretch of hilly road and the one mile to go sign!!!!
Rob told me that we needed to cover the last mile in 23 minutes to make under 26 hours. I don ‘t know if I can do it, I complained. I guarantee you’ll do it if you jut follow me, he said. I picked it up and we ran the last mile –uphill through the woods, in 13 minutes, to finish in 25:50 –Rob said that not one runner passed me!!! Our time for 50K was about 9 hours –pretty darn good, and I could not have finished without his help. The minute we finished (and saw Zeke and his girlfriend/pacer Yuen, who had just finished as well) the heavens opened up again. Rob went and got his car. We talked to Grant and Phil and Scott under the tent -Sarah was on a stretcher, having dropped with blisters at mile 83.
I was overjoyed to have it over with but was worried about everyone else out on the course in the rain.
It would turn out that over 120 people dropped!!! So just to finish in the hot and humid conditions was an accomplishment….we went back to the Yankee Village to take a shower (Wayne had kept their room for that purpose), and I laid down to rest ---at about 8 a.m. wayne and Anthony arrived!! Wayne had finished but couldn’t move –he had to be helped into the car by the medical staff. Thank goodness we had Rob to help carry him into the room and into the bathroom. “I’m his pacer, but I am not giving him a bath’ said Anthony! So I was elected to strip off his clothing (left underwear on) and clean him with hot water and soap –he was so beat up that Anthony and I put him on the bed a hard task) to pass out and left him to go to the awards brunch –Rob drove home. We got back, with our plaques, a 12:30 to find him slumped in a chair, door open, and the cleaning women had cleaned around him!!!
We convinced the motel lady that ‘our friend was sick’ so we had needed the late check-out, and we got Wayne in the car –not easy as he was crippled and had to hold onto every wall and even Anthony to get in –and took off As Anthony was beat from Badwater, where he got 4 hours sleep a night, and wayne was in no condition to drive, I had to do the driving with 3 hours’ sleep in the last 48 hours –LOL!!!
With the help of a large dunkin donuts coffee and drive-through Burger King, we got home just fine.
What an adventure –and Frank’s wife ended up getting sick so they had a time as well
Would I do it again??? Yes, but only if I could travel with Anthony and wayne –what fun we had –have never laughed so hard in recent years 

Monday, July 21, 2008

Vermont 100 mile endurance run photos

No race report yet, but here are some photos --check out Anthony's blog for a race report, slide show and photos and Frank's blog for report and photos....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vermont 100 mile endurance run -July 18-19, 2008

Just got back from Vermont 100 mile endurance run weekend --operating on 3 hours sleep for the entire weekend so will put together a race report and weekend report tommorrow!
Despite the heat, humidity, rain storms, hills and mud, I made it to the finish line in 25:50, when over 80 runners dropped out!, thanks to 2 people -Frank and Rob.
Frank stuck with me until mile 47 and Rob paced me or the last 30 miles.
Miles 80-90 were probably the toughest of my life --I so wanted to quit. And many did DNF --Frank DNFed due to raw chafing and heat, Sarah for severe blisters, Susan for quad pulls/blisters, Hugo for exhaustion --but I am proud of my friends for starting and they will finish the next one when I might DNF. Grant, Phil, Scott,mark, Zeke, Nick and Meredith's buddy Ethel all was not an easy day or easy conditions!! And my carpool friend Wayne finished despite sleeping on the side of the road at an aid station for 2 hours!! Boy, is he beat up --the medical people had to carry him to the car (mostly related to heat depletion). Here are some photos

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vermont 100 miler -last year's pacing report

As I get ready to travel to VT tommorrow, got thinking about last year when I paced Frank --I had a blast. In many ways, I am very happy pacing...but want to at least try the whole thing this year ---and we are lucky that Rob is driving up and will be at camp ten bear -mile 70 -by 8 p.m... so here's my pacing report from last year -
and see Frank's blog -for his report and photos...

Sunday July 22, 2007

Just got back from VT after running all night with Frank -I am in awe of him finishing his first 100 -he finished in fine shape in 28 hours and change. But what a long night it was for him. The day was so gorgeous that I actually walked 26 miles and could see how hilly the second half of the course was --I got to see Frank at Margaritaville at the top of the mountain at mile 63, after he had climbed a long stretch.
I had waited with his wife Pat for what seemed like forever!! (seeing Christine from the Finger lakes running club come through
I met Frank at mile 70 --Camp Ten Bear --he flew down the hill at dusk @8 p.m amid flaming roadside flares, as he was trying to beat the darkness. He was shivering from sweating...and neither one of us had enough clothing.
Pat had given me a turkey sandwich to give to him, so he ate that, changed his clothes, got weighed, got his headlamp, and off we went
As a pacer, this was all new to me and I was about to learn what it takes to go 30 miles when you feel as if you can't go on -30 miles in the cold and darkness, on no sleep So many issues can do runners in in those last miles -hypothermia, blisters, sleep deprivation,
and least of all, the legs. Frank and I made our way to mile 77 aid station -up a single track hill and dirt hill -as I recall, it was all hills.
We talked to Zeke and Yuen, who were manning the red, white and blue-themed station --then the hard part came, as Frank started falling asleep standing up. Miles 77 to 82 were slow, as we had to stop several times -he wanted to lie down on the side of the road!!!
We leap-frogged a young boy from Ithaca, and an older man who offered him no-doz, and Christy and her pacer from Dirty girl gaitors!
We got some coffee at mile 85 and I told Frank to start running alittle to wake him up ---so we did jog and Frank kept time --he loved the smell of the Christmas trees along the roads...we planned for 15 minute miles and prayed for the lights of the aid stations to come up in the darkness. We went from aid station to aid station...I loved seeing the stars in the sky.
Finally we got to mile 92, and Frank had a breakfast sandwich and changed his socks. I mentioned to the aid station workers that he was having sleep problems and they made him eat! I will never forget seeing the runners littering the ground --all glassy-eyed and curled up in sleeping bags! Frank felt better as we left Bills garage and mile 92 --the sun was rising, which he had been looking forward to...I kept trying to find little things that he could look forward to along the way ---we made our way along a grassy trail and Frank actually started running fast!!!! I could not keep up with him -he was all of a sudden scared that he would not make the cutoff. But then we figured out that we had plenty of time, when w had to walk a monsterous hill at mile 94, which took 25 minutes or so. Frank's stomach was hurting from the sandwich -ugh --at mile 95 we started running again, and we ran 2 miles without stopping --Frank turned to me and he said 'I think we'll finish this sucker'. And the next three miles were slow, but no question that he knew the end was in sight -much to our surprize, at mile 98, we did not follow the nice dirt road but we went into the woods to climb 2 miles of single track!!! At mile 99, Frank told me he couldn't go on -his quads were beat. His legs wouldn't move.but i tld him he had to go on, and I think I was a bit mean (hope he doesn't remember). All of a sudden we saw the light of Silver hill meadow and the finish area --it was about 8:30 in the morning and Pat was waiting with a camera.
It was over and Frank did run through the finish line. Pacing that night was one of the highlights of my running career --even though I had driven up myself and drove myself home, it was worth it, as he said he couldn't have finished without my help and so that was rewarding.
Socially it was blast --I had more fun slogging through the night an talking to people along the way. I really would pace Frank anytime, except now I want to do the whole thing. and P.S. this year we have Rob driving up:)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

waveny park x-country series

I volunteered last night at the local cross-country series. Jim was away on vacation so my friends Kathy and Gail were the race directors and they needed help!! So I collected scoretags at the end -its funny how easy racing looks when you are just standing around. I had run 5 miles that morning and swam a mile -wayy too much already for my tender achilles. Am extremely nervous about how it will hold up for VT as the rest of my body feels strong, trained and ready to go...but I also have to be prepared for the fact that I could further strain my achilles on the ups and downs and may have to drop out --that's life -it's only one race..I will try. I am going to need Frank, Rob and I to work together in the middle of the night as the last 30 miles could take 10-11 hours. A full moon will be out!!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Marty's poem from Utica Boilermaker Road Race

Boilermaker Logo

My friend Marty, race director extraordinaire (and teacher, RD and coach during school year:)went up to Help with a National road race, the July 13 Utica Boilermaker 15K...
here is his answer to my question 'so how was Utica'??

I did not run
I did not jog,
I did not toe the start, nor blog.

We laid out the 'mats'
despite the gnats,
then came out, Rats!

Mike and I were in charge of the 10k split,
which also was the 5k start,
we had over 11,000 chips,
which registered perfectly!

Then we went to the party, and were back stage with the band and the VIP's

yes- like us!

hahaha --

Saturday, July 12, 2008

dso concert at Governor's island -July 11

I decided to go to this concert (as was invited by running friends) the night after driving into Radio City music hall with Christine so it was 2 late nights in a row!! But more than worth it, even if I did miss the Norwalk summer series this a.m. (let me just say that I shouldn't have raced it anyway --I just missed seeing our friends, and maybe helping Don out). This Friday night concert was a special outdoor concert on Governor's Island, at the very tip of manhattan. It was a perfect night to take a ferry ride over to the island and chill out and relax and listen to some Grateful dead music The distressing part of the concert was driving in -the FDR was bumper-to-bumper with traffic heading over the Queensboro bridge to LI...then free and clear sailing and got a parking spot right near the ferry --it was so much fun going over, with tye-dyed concert-goers -young and old alike!! Plenty of kids and 20-some kids --most of the males wearing tye dye!!! And, we got to see all the waterfall sculptures. We got to the concert area and Green tea leaf was playing -I had a beer and read and talked to Paul, an ardent dso fan ---the band came n at 7:30 and was awesome, but the set not as good as Westbury (last may 29)--ramble on rose, playin in the band, estimated prophet were some of the really good ones --about 10:15, during a long drum solo, it was time to take the ferry back!!! No traffic coming home-and thank goodness I had that nice parking spot:) The ferry ride view of the lighted bridges and buildings was phenomenal.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Waveny Park 2-person relay -July 8, 2008

I had a 'fun' evening last night at New Canaan's Waveny Park 2-person relay.
At the very last minute we shuffled around teams so that I ran with Francoise, and John Gibbons ran with Rob. Frank ran with his daughter Katie, and Francoise's daughter Mia ran with her little friend Amy, and Amy's mom. All the girls were good to come out on such a hot night. Francoise ran well (7:30s or better!) and I ran @7s so for the 3 times 1 mile each relay we finished in 43:30. We won our age division (female 100 over) since no one else was in it ---the female 80-99 was fast and faster!! The co-ed divisions were also tough --not sure how Frank and katie and rob and john did but we all ad a good time. The one mile route was tough -grassy and rocky in parts but a nice loop -each partner takes turns running a mile so it is a hard workout ---during the break, you can catch your breath, get some water and even socialize. It's a good speed workout, no matter who your partner, and a fun time! Unfortunately for me, the age-graded 5K is tuesday after the VT 100--no go on that!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Putnam County Classic follow-up

Thank you to all my friends who came out and ran this race, including Rob, Don, Frank, and Pam, Barbara and to all the volunteers/supporters and my co-race director, Lee, who is so great to work with! and she has 2 grandbabies about to be born!!!
(Had one of them come July 4, it would have been me and her husband ed).
The race was a big success (although we missed the new canaan and Milford races).
We had 300 finishers, according to Karen and her race scoring committee. I gave Frank a ride and we arrived at 6:30 --he helped unload t-shirt boxes (we ran out as I stupidly only ordered 275), and watermelons and soda from Lee's car --as 7 a.m. approached, the race registration table started to get busy. Lee brought July 4 decorations from the party store -stupidly I forgot to put in the car my cheering pom poms. . At 7:30, we had quite a long line but since race day reg was $20, it was fairly easy to make change! Frank went to the trailer and got last year's Ts as we were running out of new ones. Alex and his HAM radio volunteers came, introduced themselves and what a big help they were right off the bat! First, they pointed out that the ambulance was late, so we called (it was on its way). Then, they produced a course map that was great ---the club didn't have one, so the policeman took 2 copies of theirs! At about 7:45, we helped with reg. and then soon it was time to line up --a light rain was falling so we were concerned with that but otherwise it was good weather for running! better than hot. Ed, Lee's husband, started the race after calling to make sure the bathroom line was clear and all runners were at the start ---Ted's daughter and I got a ride to the corner of 6N, where I happened to see My brother Bobby's salsa truck coming to the race finish!! Robert stopped traffic for us, by simply stopping his truck!! so all the runners could go through on the busier street. Then I helped with mile 7, and saw Frank, Rob, Don and pam in the last mile. Took a photo of 'old glory' ---the HAM guy biked by and around, and then the bike sweeper called and said a teenager had sprained her ankle and couldn't walk -so I told the policeman and he had the other officer give her a ride ---then I went to the finish where saw all the food spread out -we went through 14 dozen bagels and 15 watermelons....awards were fun and then clean up was fairly easy -I was out of there by 10:45! lee and I learned alot for next year but thankfully everything went smoothly --photos to be posted sunday.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Putnam County Classic 8 miler race -July 4, 2008

Hard to believe that it is July 3 already and the big racing day of July 4 is here!
I am co-race director of the July 4 Putnam County Classic 8 miler, starting at 8 a.m. in front of Mahopac High school ---I am so happy that friends are coming up to run, when they have closer races: Frank (see his 2003 race report on his blog -, Rob, Don and Pam are all running -yippee!!! For any last minute entrants, you can find flyer/directions on
We should have a good race this year --this event has been going on for 31 years, and we have dedicated volunteers!, and the weather promises to be good. Lee and I have been working constantly this past month and all the pieces are in place -of course whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, so I expect some glitches. Just las night I found out that we needed more cash, boxes for water stop cups, pens for registration and more flyer copies! We will have t-shirts and ice cream coupons for all entrants and water stops in 6 different locations -plus food after the race. My brother Bobby's salsa will have chips and dip! The lake course is also beautiful, save for one trafficy area ---here is our 2008 t-shirt, modeled by my cat! You can see our sponsors -Bikeway, Coldstone cremery (they also donated ice cream coupons to all entrants),Mahopac national bank and Bobby's salsa.