Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Roxbury Marathon and taconic relays -12/12 and 12/13

lots of snow on the ground!!!

The course went through the town of Roxbury

I had never done the free Sat.a.m. Roxbury road race series as the town is north of Danbury and just too far to drive for a training run, however scenic and low-cost (this I reserve for Westport and Norwalk!). The Roxbury marathon is the culmination of the year-long series, and my friend Rob has done the marathon several times and raved about the event --tough workout,well organized, $5 cost,2aid stations anda hilly 3.5 mile loop,plus a big dirt road (up and down a big climb) to start. So, I figured that running the marathon was worth the drive -plus, I have never run that far in Dec.!
Big problem -- the weather wassupposed to be 18degrees at the start with a wind chill of 10 --lovely...
Frank, Rob and I planned to meet our other friend Eliot at the start. Frank became very sick with a nasty cold and had to stay home, and Rob decided he'd do the accompanying 1/2 marathon as he had to be somewhere by 1 p.m. soooo I left my house at 7:15 for an 8:30 start, thinking it was about an hour -well, got to start with 5 minutes to spare.
Runners were lining up at the start --1/3 of a mile down the road!!! I barely had to time to ign n, get my gloves and hat on, and go to the bathroom. It was bitter cold but the sun was shining. The race had about 100 people line up..and 57 of them ended up finishing the marathon. The rest did the 1/2or even more (Eliot ran 16 miles as had to leave). I used the first 8 mile out and back as a warm up.I was way in the back, and planned to stay at a 10 minute pace for awhile --the course was just beautiful --picture perfect new england and at 8 miles, we went by my car --I shed some layers and out on warmer gloves as hands were completely numb. The volunteers were great --breaking the water cups which had frozen,and even offering runners beer!
I had brought food and put it on top of my car. By the second loop most of the runners had finished the 1/2 and I saw Rob as he was leaving -again, I stopped at my car to change layers. I plodded on on the next loop --we had to run 5 more for the marathon. I got lapped by faster runners,but this was actually good as I liked seeing them go by. I ended up finishing in 4:13 and was happy with this effort considering I finished the last loop in sub 9 min miles. I finished with a woman from Illinois (used to the cold) who was running her 50 states marathons. Bruce Golart finished right behind me. After getting some post race food, I changed and jumed into my warm car....brrrr --I was never so happy to be inside. I missed talking to Rob and Eliot, and I missed Frank and wished he cold have run such a nice course-
however, 3:45outside in 20 degree weather would've done him in:(
next post -Taconic relays..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Knickerbocker 60K --11/21/09

yesterday was perfect weather for the Central Park Knickerbocker 60K...
Rob, Frank and I planned to run it and it was with trepidation that i approached this ultra because I was really out of ultra shape..but I figured it was cheap and cheerful,
and just a run in the park. Frank and I drove in and met Rob, who took the train.
When we were getting our bibs we saw Ritchie, Barbara ? from Millrose, Siri, and other B.U.S. people like Nick and Frank D. Plus, lots of other friends. I was still chatting at the back of the pack when the gun went off. We had to run a 2 mile out and back, and I went very slowly (well, a 9 min pace)--Eliot was right behind me. Then we went thru the finish line where they had set up a timing area and station and where cheering crowds were waiting...we then had to run 9 loops of the hilly 4 mile middle central park section. I settled into a 9:00 pace, with a guy from NJ named Johnny and Eric and Lynn. Frank and Rob too off like a shot, never to be seen or the rest of the race except when Frank lapped me as he was finishing.
Wayne kept saying 'we are going way too fast' and he dropped back and Johnny and I pretty much leap-frogged each other for most of the loops, or I ran alone. The volunteers were great, because this is a funny race --since it is loops, you do feel at times that you are all alone...Phil at a certain point, and the other leaders, lapped was just a gorgeous day and I tried to concentrate on keeping a steady pace and on a normal footfall for my left foot --and I did get a blister!! The last couple loops were the best as I knew I would finish,and that my foot would hold up in the Mizuno trail shoes --Frank did catch up to me and Johnny as we were finishing the 8th lap, and seeing him finish and knowing Rob was ahead of me made me want to push the pace...I did, but still couldn't break 6 hours (finished in 6:01:30?) --still,
this was only 7 min off my time from 3 years ago. And as I was older, out of ultra shape, and cautious was pleased just to finish...afterward, Phil (who won), Rob, Frank and I went to have beer and burgers --then as an added treat we took Phil home to Inwood Park -got to talk to him and see the night views of the Hudson river!
See Frank's blog for report and photos!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

new york city marathon 2009

at the finish --taking a break from the baggage walk

Below; left-A 'spooky' house at Fort Wadsworth

the VN bridge at the start

me calling Kate to find out how she finished.

Below, after getting our bags with Rob

well, my 20th NYCM is over and I had an awesome experience, mainly because my toe insert hurt but my foot held up. and I finished in even 8 minute pace for 3:31 --the last few miles were not easy, as I am out of endurance shape and quads were hurting. But since it was my 20th NYC marathon, I was happy that I was at least able to finish, and that all my friends finished well...I took the bus in from white plains high school, and went into Fort Wadsworth late as or bus got stuck in traffic. I walked in with Frank, and we immediately went to the dunkin donuts booth where we got coffee and a hat! Then we bumped into Alicia and Nick in the achilles area --that was fun!! I then left Frank and went int the local elite coral where I saw susan warren,beth moras, and the taconic runners!! I also saw Yuki putting on her costume. We were led onto the bridge @9:20 and I have to say, some of the men we lined up with did smell, and it was nerve wracking as they were all so fast, and I feared getting trampled -haha!!! ugh--the start used to be all women in one area --no peeing on the bridge this time, ither, with the men around!!! At 9:42 we were off -perfect running weather -- I was so tentative to start because my foot had been a bit sore just walking around trick or treating-lol...but it felt OK!! I had a toe pad in the front of the left foot which after mile 10 started to kill me but clicked off steady 8 min miles with the goal of just finishing in under 4 hours ---suddenly, at mile 5? Frank came up with Shannon M. and I was SO happy to see them!!! I then ran with Shannon for awhile until she took off, and then I saw Frank go in a port-o-john, and I waited for him to catch up but he didn't and finished right behind me. Right on the bridge, I looked down and saw a 20 dollar bill in a puddle--I stopped and picked it up and stuck it in my shorts to buy post race beer and coffee later!! Appropriate bill, as it was my 20th NYCM...and I had just lost a $20 the other day --weird.
The Queensboro bridge was slow going but I looked forward to seeing the Taconic people and to the crowds on first --missed the taconics, so my next target was to find Rob at 116th street --the concrete was pretty jarring but the crowds were amazing.
Hard to believe that in 1982 at the age of 24 I pounded these same streets in my first marathon!! which then was the third weekend in Oct. and 'only' had 10,000 it did mean alot to me to finish this one and although my feet hurt I was not in pain!! Anyway, i did see Rob and handed him a hat that I had stuck in my shorts for him! Then mile 20 over the bridge was clogged with people and I lost a full minute!!! 2:41 was my 20 mile split...I then worked to keep up the 8 min pace which was not easy with the wet roads and crowds and that hill at mile 22 I think I had a 9 min mile) --last 2 miles were 8 minutes, and as I went down 59th street tried to appreciate the crowds but my quads were in pain and I just wanted it to b over -finally, the finish!! and who should I see but Luis. we then waited for Frank, who
finished a few minutes later (apparently he made it on TV)...we then began the long walk to baggage and hooked up with Rob. It was not a 100 or 50 miler, but felt like an ultra to me all the same!! Can't wait for next year, I think! Oh, we got a nice 40th anniversary medal....see Frank's blog for report and more photos

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2009 NYC 20th!!

Here are some photos from last year's 2008 marathon..since have put in no training in past month, am hoping to run this weekend's NYCM, my 20th, at an ultra pace...
good luck to everyone this weekend where ever you may be racing...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

columbus day weekend 5Ks

above; left --after brigeport.

left and below --some scenes from the Van Cortlandt park 5K --tough course!

below-- a cheerful scene from my friend's porch!!

....and scene of Bridgeport 5K course

finish line of the Columbus day bridgeport 5K (Sat oct 10)
this past weekend was a weekend of 5Ks --the weather was spectacular, especiall on Sunday and I was jealous of all the Steamtown marathon runners...not sure if it made my foot any better but I do feel that it did --needed a break from the long runs; and the recovery will be faster and the sunday 5Ks were on trails (Suzannah's run in Greenwich and Harry Murphy 5K in VCP) and the NB trail racing flats are just the best...I don't toe off my foot as much so am not putting pressure on the bone bruise...arghh -- thisSunday is the long island 6 hour and it is going to be cold, windy and rainy...had hoped to walk/jog 26 miles of it...on Sat. Frank and I are going to run (well, I will walk it)
a trail 5K on Staten Island in his old cub scout stomping grounds --then hpefully on the way home I will pop up to my friend Ella's Brooklyn art studio (she is having an open house)-- coffee also on a rainy cold day???

Friday, October 9, 2009

my drawing class..

is every thursday --yesterday I took Ike (he loves to draw) --I finished these purple flowers...this a.m. biked in the pouring rain...oh well!! Had to go to gym later to run a few miles to warm up. So many endurance events this weekend --Hawaii Ironman, steamtown, hartford, chicago --good luck to all if you are running (Dawn? Hartford?)!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Maine /new art blog...

Finally --I have created a new blog to display some of my artwork.
style="font-weight:bold;">emmy's virtual art gallery..The displays are haphazard, and I am missing my house illustrations and pottery painting..will take pix and post them in a few days --but this is a start. Ha --emmy's virtual art gallery

In the meantime, I had a tough time in Maine --the top of my foot started hurting again; plus had a nasty cold that left me dead tired --simply could not get my body moving. I changed over to the half marathon in the middle of the race, and even with cranking up the pace ran 1:42:45 (7:50s) --then ran/walked 7 more and saw Frank finish--yeah!!!!!!!!! in 3:25...had I hung back, probably would have finished the marathon, AND would have probably placed as the first 50s was 3:52 --my age group in the half was enormously competitive -came in 6th place -haha!!! I learned my lesson big time about committing to and focusing on a race and a goal....otherwise one is left wit an unsatisfying experience. In this case, i really did not feel well (it was a struggle to breathe), my Nike shoes were just seemed that my mind was not into it and was happy just to finish the half, and had a great weekend!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

October already??? Off to Maine marathon

Dahlias from local show (painting them)

John's sunflowers (did illustration of them)!
I have not been into updating my blog for awhile --I feel that my running has lacked focus and that because of the ongoing bone bruise pain, every long run seems to bring me back to square one or two or three....the bone seems heals but the tissues around it get stiff and sore. I have been a good patient during the week, biking 2-3 times, running easy on pavement and resting --can finally slap the foot down right on my arch and it's fine--the last few miles of the rainy marathon tune-up it was sore, though.
In doing the tune-up I gave up racing tomm a.m. in Grete's half but the tuneup was more relaxed ...I feel very close to getting healed but may have to do total rest next week!!! In any case, have made it thru 3 long runs and now this weekend am headed up to Maine and am looking forward to the foliage, and the sights --will probably do the 1/2 marathon --John running in relay, and Frank will run the full. John wanted us to come up and the timing was right for Frank to run a marathon, and although I want to run the full as well, the timing may not work for me (need shorter race this weekend, unless it is a long hike on trails:)) Next week, have 2 painting projects to work on -fall is really here!! Lots of events to look forward to --maybe Staten Island 1/2, a trail run on the 17th or 18th and some shorter races til NYCM!!
Then Stone Cat 50 --since my injury better be gone by then and foot strong, will do Stone cat last year if it works.
For now, off to Maine marathon/half marathon/relay tomm -yeah!! Oh, in 2006, I finished the marathon in pain (hip tendonitis) --I think my time was 3:37?? and I came in second 45-49...I loved the course --it was scenic and fast. After the race, since I had Hank and Ike with me (John had watched them after his relay portion), we
went into Portland to three dollar dewey's for hamburgers and I snuck into the Portland Museum and LL Bean.

Monday, August 31, 2009

August update -family trip to Normandy

this is the first time in a month have updated my blog-haven't been too inspired as it seems this foot injury will never disappear --sprained ligaments that keep getting re-injured every time i run:(...YES, i was a bad patient in France it would have been impossible for me to rest...after a 10 day trip, got back from France Friday, Aug 28 after a 7 hour trip (but watched 4 movies on airplane, and read book). The travel over is stressful, but it was great when in this idyllic spot; a huge house with 10 bedrooms, a guest cottage, and miles of forest trails, water views of siene and friendly people --best of al, motorists are so used to bikers that they gave me a wide berth while running and biking so it's much safer than in the U.S....
and although we had a good time with all the cousins (20 people were staying at my mother-in-law's house), we did not do as much touring as i would've liked -no Paris and no Normandy beaches. But the weather in 'Haute Normandie' was amazing --every day low humidity, sunshine and in high 60s (actually, like today, as i write this!)....each day, a group would go running 3-4 miles in the morning, but since i was jet lagged i would sleep trough this 9 a.m. jog -my son, andrew, however, went every day with the group. Then i would be left to my own devices, and would usually run for an hour and a half in trails (but lots of small rocks so a couple times re-injured my foot by stepping hard on a rock)...I had the desire to do a 20 mile run or a 5 hour hike but it didn't work out..then we'd go to a beach or go to a market in a neighboring town, or i'd bike. Then, as everyone loves to shop for food and cook, we'd have huge dinners outside-late at night too, so definately gained weight --don't weigh myself but can feel it around my middle!! So back to square one --extra pounds and injury --arghhh!! Did get lots of painting photos and ideas!!!Rain forecasted for Sat., but wanted to run the Westport 9.3 miler as did take 2 rest days before came home. So, I did despite pouring rain driving up.
Felt endurance completely gone, and foot had swelled up on plane...and even a 7:30 pace was a struggle-out of shape!. But I made it, and actually felt better the next day at the NYRRC x-country race --if we could run in VCP all the time i'd be so happy...wonderful trails! but we have waveny..amazing, I can run barefoot or in racing flats on grass with no pain at all.
Have been working on strengthening foot also..
In any case, I just found my training diary from France so though i'd type it in -
8/19 --arrived; slept for 4 hours, and woke up and jogged 6 miles
8/20 -slept til 10? ran 1:30 over country roads (@9 miles); 4 mile hike w/kids
8/21 -ran @9 miles; biked 15 miles around 5 p.m. --big dinner and cake for niece!
8/22 -ran @10-12 miles (some walking); hiked 4-plus miles with andrew
8/23--ran 10 miles; biked around 10 mies in p.m.;
8/24 ran 6 in a.m. ; 4 in p.m. --went to etratat and hiked -3 miles
8/25 biked 30 miles (18 a.m.; 12 p.m.)-ran 4 miles at noon
8/26 --ran 10 miles?? and biked to tigers w/andrew (10 miles)
8/27 --rest (finally)-travel day
not sure when i'll be able to run long again but hope that day will come soon!!!
Am excited for the maine marathon and want to be healthy for that --and the marathon tune up on the 27th...but for now, no more than 3 miles..

Monday, August 10, 2009

mid-august already???

me in Escarpment trail run before I stopped at 12.9 because of the mud and my foot

Ilana and I after the Taconic biathlon

Frank and I after the Taconic biathlon

it's tough having a fur coat in august!!

scenes from the aug. 8 NYRRC club team championship

I have been really lazy about updating my blog as basically have been running in pain and discomfort with a sprained foot --only drugs and ice seem to help. Got a fairly strong digital x-ray which showed no sign of stress fracture but inflamed ligaments and tendons. I ran only 3 times this week --tues. p.m. at waveny, fri. and sat. I 'tested' the foot out this Sat at the Club Team Championships -ouch!! For the first 2 miles it was Ok, but then I felt sharp pain on top of foot --not good..was able to crank out a faster last mile (6:45 -downhill) and breathing was labored but actually good for my lack of cross training and rest is the option for the week --fortunately have no races coming up (until New Haven 20K or 5K, Norwalk 1/2 and Maine marathon oct. 1, but can be in shape to jog that or even do the 1/2)--if it works will run the Westport aug 29 race. I can run but afterward foot is stiff and tender --not fun.
But when I think f the pounding i put my body through this winter to get read for Umstead and with general racing, and with the Memorial weekend trek, and with VT 100 miler-that's alot...I am just a bad patient and don't want to rest.
At first, it seemed funny that all of our friends are starting to put i long runs to gear up for fall marathons while I was recovering from VT (actually wasn't tired after 2 weeks)but now I am realizing that Oct. 4 and the Maine marathon is really close to 7 weeks away...but for now minimal mileage and get healthy again.