Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nipmck Trail marathon --2007 photo

tommorrow I will head, with Frank and Rob, first thing in morning, to the Nipmuck Trail marathon in Ashford, CT...I had always wanted to do this race and had looked into it 10 years ago but it seemed too arduous and I hadn't done any long trails runs --so the first time I ran it was last year with Frank. He ran it the day after God's Country marathon! Last year I ran it after VT City marathon and Queens 50K -it was a rainy, soggy day I am mentally tired, having had 3 late nights in a row -hosted my book club, then went to a concert, then helped at a cub scout dinner. I woke up early today for a boy scout hike, which was sadly postponed because of threat of thunderstorms. We hiked locally instead but I would have killed to sleep in but Hank had a good time, and then went swimming and took Ike to baseball practice. Am worried about tomorrow, as it is the week after a 50 miler but my legs are more used to walking -running slowly than to speedwork! Next weekend will be a break with slow, shorter races -it's Kate's birthday on Friday. We'll see:) what the future brings.


AnthonyP said...

Good luck tomorrow. Can't wait to read all about it from here in Canada. I feel as if I'm missing out.

Just_because_today said...

funny have we give up so much of what we want to do for our kinds enjoyment but it is much more rewarding.
Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great and then you can answer my question on my email

Meredith said...

Good luck Emmy and Frank :)

DawnB said...

I thought that was a before and after. good luck I'm sure you'll do fine. Have fun.

CTmarathoner said...

thank you anthony for your well wishes -we saw Chris and Susan and tons of GAC runners! We missed you Chris said he is jealous of your fishing trip. Thanks Meredith..
I saw Glen Redpath who is doing western states! Myriam, will answer your questions, don't worry!
Thanks dawn --maybe see you next weekend.