Friday, May 23, 2008

May Craziness

Hard to believe it is the Friday of Memorial day will begin like almost every afternoon of mine: with a trip to the Orthodontist and then to the baseball field. Ike is getting braces and so we have been going to the dentist once a week. His rubber bands fell out so this afternoon we must go -and then he plays baseball at or soccer almost every night. Today also my high school senior is giving blood. He is working (during his Senior internship) at the Red Cross. They told him that he is big enough to give a double dose..he is nervous but s proud of himself for giving -I would but can't before this weekend! In fact, am probably very low in iron and need a big hamburger today or tommorrow. I would like to go for a bike ride today but too much to do and don't want to introduce new muscle groups before a long run. So, rest today:( on this beautiful day. Going to volunteer at the high school.
Have been tired all week and think I am sinking into over-training mode. well, on to Pineland Farms 50K/50 miler. Will drive to Portland, ME tomorrow ---the course, which is in the Pinelands area of Maine --has enough twists and turns in it just to make one dizzy --it looks like a sausage. Have no clue what is in store but we have a big group of friends going!!! This should be fun. Anthony P., Meri, eddie, Wayne, Staci, Adam, Jim (from Greenbelt),Frank and many others to talk to on course.
John Gibbons will be doing the relay in VT City --Myriam and Todd J. will run the Marathon --I would give anything to do both:) --I regret leaving my kids at home on sat and sun. but they will go swimming at our club and eat at the snack bar -they do not want to spend 10-plus hours in car and 12 hours at a race!!
I have so much to do for the 4th of July race!! Will publish our t-shir desisgn later...


AnthonyP said...

See you soon !

DawnB said...

have a great race Emmy