Saturday, May 17, 2008

2 races --BSA 5K (5/15) and Healthy Kidney 10K (5/17)

well --I have had enough of this speedwork for now, on tired legs. All and all,knock on wood, my weight is 3-5 pounds above racing weight and I have no injuries but just fatigue from Umstead, Lake Waramug, Bear Mtn,Sybil, Brooklyn 1/2 and Greenbelt...
I lined up at the 5/15 Thursday night Boy scout 5K and, with aching quads, was just going to run it at a 9 minute pace. But my breathing was good, and the first woman was right ahead of me so Frank pushed the pace for me so we could catch up to her...(here I am racing a girl 25 years younger than me) -she fell back, but I was able to maintain a 7 min pace. Frank finished right behind. I did this low-key race as it is a contribution to Boy scouts and I am a boy scout mother,but don't think I'd do it again as it gets to be a late night. Although I do like nght running and everything is good training for a 50-100 miler, which is run that time of night .I did have a nice time in the city before the race walking up to NYRRC and the Met museum, and count those 5 miles walking as cross training! Then, on Friday realized I had overdone it (as one really doesn't need speedwork for ultras) and a rainy, depressing day ensued. Took the day off...decided to run the Healthy Kidney 10K as my masters team (Taconic RR) needed me -we had Karen Davis and 3 50s was just a matter of a tempo run. Was awake all last night with sore chest and couldn't decide whether to go or not...but did. And as I was putting my chip on found Frank.
Then saw Susan and all the taconic team members. My first mile was 7:30s and felt tough --I could not breathe, because of the sore chest, asthma and allergies -arghh
By mile 3 (after a few 7 minute miles) I felt miserable --had to slow down and walk some --picked it up the last mile and finished with Karen in 44:43. So our team came in 6th -but better than not having one. This was a race where I could have set a PR and not placed so to run a 7:12 pace was good enough. Susan ran 43:?? to take the 50s!!! Congrats Susan! Frank followed, having run 4 minutes faster than his mother' day 10K. I think no more NYRRC races for me until Sept., when I focus on just shorter races. It is too much of a disadvantage to have to line up tired..the other shorter races will be modified speedwork...and to think that as I write this those Massanutten people are not even at the 1/2 way point yet -wow.


Just_because_today said...

What can I say? I am amazed by all this racing!!! When is the big ultra?

CTmarathoner said...

Myriam --shorter races are tempo are caught between a rock and a hard place as with the ultras one is too tired for racing and one doesn't want to be too fatigued from speedwork for ultras!! and have to be careful of injuries --3 big races coming up -Pineland farms 50K,queens 100K,and VT 100.

Divaleh said...

Emmy - I totally wussed out and opted against running ANY of the races this weekend! Just did an easy (SLOW) 7 miles on Saturday with some local running buddies.

I feel so lazy!