Saturday, May 10, 2008

Greenbelt (LI) 50K --Sat., May 10 -photos

Despite the dry day and great friends and volunteers, I never felt good today -dragging this first half of this trail 50K (some steep hills, roots and pilings, some nice runnable terrain) and feeling slightly better the second half, finishing in 6:45 --11 minutes faster than last year. This was about the time I expected.
I did not get to run with Frank or Rob but did get the pleasure of running with Anthony and Amy,an amputee who was out to set the 50K amputee world record!!!Anthony was tired also from the NJ shore marathon -oh, and we also ran with Scott.
It was tough out on the trails today -Stacy, Frank, Rob, Anthony all finished well.
Ahead of us was Grant, Patrick, Byron and about 7 women!! more to follow -the volunteers were great. As I write this (about to drag myself down to make dinner after loading the car for tommorrow) I am filled with lactic acid!!! Have never felt this beat up --time for a break.


AnthonyP said...

Let's take bets as to how many of these pictures Frank will steal and put on his blog !!!

Great running with you for most of the day today.

Meredith said...

Take a nice easy week this week! You earned it :) Thanks for the report and pictures, glad you had some nice weather!