Friday, December 19, 2008

snowed in

snowed in:(

no school - my 14 year old gets to spend the whole day in PJs

sleeping out the snowy day

Waiting out the snowstorm
snow plus strep throat = not a happy camper. I haven't run in 4 days:( -
in fact couldn't even swallow for 3 days -ice cream, tea and luke-warm coffee have been about all my throat can handle. I usually have a good immune system. Guess my son gave it to me last weekend during the boy scout walk when we shared food and drink (he had a bad sore throat last week). Have never had strep, and hope I never get it again. On a positive note, have gotton work (illustrations for friends to give as holiday gifts) done....not my normal self as am in pain. Won't be able to run the 15K tommorrow nor meet my friends after --I hope they make it in. Will run the waveny 3 miler if it happens!!!


AnthonyP said...

Our girls had early dismissal. I hope the 3-miler is on. I should have joined running plans are looking weak for this weekend with all the snow, and I can't stand the treadmill.

Runner Tammy said...


I am so sorry to hear you are a bit under the weather. I hope you are well on the road to recovery soon!

Although a diet of ice cream kind of sounds yummy to me...the last time I had that diet was when my wisdom teeth were removed. Now I am not wise, hence the signing up for insane races.

Happy Holidays!
P.S. I love your pictures of your cats...Lydia and Tarzan are really cute (although was Lydia getting ready for a wash or was she freshly dried because she looks like she was in the hamper!)

Anonymous said...

Cats have it easy, don't they? Must be nice to curl up in a basket and sleep all day.

Hope you feel better -

DawnB said...

hope you're feeling better soon. looks like the three miler is on I'll decide in AM :)

Just_because_today said...

it is snowing here as I shopping was interesting yesterday with the parking lots not plowed but I managed to have a great time. On my way to the treadmill now