Thursday, December 4, 2008

my book club and La Prairie

Charlene talks about LaPrairie's miracle creme

Above --the book group ladies
I am very lucky to be part of a fun book club --we just had our December meeting at the Stanwich Club and figured that we have been meeting for almost 10 years -since April 1999! Now that most of our kids are teenagers, we want to have a mother -teen book club session (LOL)-our group is part local gossip, part talk about any current events, our families , travel and of course books. We even have 2 Harvard B-school grads, a lawyer and author (Janis is finishing a novel!!! cool). We try to pick an array of historical fiction, classics and off-beat books --we just finished 'without a map' --kind of depressing (we do like uplifting)-anyway, one of the members, Charlene, is
a vice-president at the skin care company la Prairie. I love Charlene and do try to be nice to her, as she gives me samples. And as a 50 year-old wrinkled runner/outdoor athlete, I cna use any help with anti-wrinkle creme. So last night,
Charlene gave us each 2 $200 sample jars of the new $1,000 skin creme (endorsed by Madonna and other stars) ---it's called Platinum Rare. Not sure what sales are like --think the creme works, though, and has done well in FL and CA. OK --gotta go try some now.
Bless you Charlene!!! I'd rather have this than running socks.

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AnthonyP said...

Wait a minute - a non running activity ! ? ! :))