Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ike's 5th grade 'explorer' fair

Ike's friend Anna was also Diaz

Ike's classmate as Marco Polo

Francoise's daughter Mia as Ponce De leon

Ike in front of his display, complete with cape (over a Lake Waramug Ultras t-shirt)
For something else non-running related: I am really glad that my son's explorer project is over...and also glad that it was a success. As part of the 5th grade social studies curriculum, each of the students pick an explorer, and have to write a report, make a display with a hand-drawn map (all writing in Spanish and English), gather 'artifacts', a put on a costume for a special fair where parents and teachers are invited to walk around and learn about explorers.
Ike chose the Portuguese sailor Bartholomew Diaz, who discovered the Cape of Good Hope.
Sadly, Diaz drowned at age 47 in a storm on his second voyage around the tip of Africa. The fair was a real learning experience! I found out that many of the explorers perished through be-heading, diseases, drowning, fights with natives...the best part of the fair were the costumes!


Just_because_today said...

I like all that facial hair!!!

Laura said...

What a cool project! That sounds like fun - I wish we had done that in my school.