Thursday, October 15, 2009

columbus day weekend 5Ks

above; left --after brigeport.

left and below --some scenes from the Van Cortlandt park 5K --tough course!

below-- a cheerful scene from my friend's porch!!

....and scene of Bridgeport 5K course

finish line of the Columbus day bridgeport 5K (Sat oct 10)
this past weekend was a weekend of 5Ks --the weather was spectacular, especiall on Sunday and I was jealous of all the Steamtown marathon runners...not sure if it made my foot any better but I do feel that it did --needed a break from the long runs; and the recovery will be faster and the sunday 5Ks were on trails (Suzannah's run in Greenwich and Harry Murphy 5K in VCP) and the NB trail racing flats are just the best...I don't toe off my foot as much so am not putting pressure on the bone bruise...arghh -- thisSunday is the long island 6 hour and it is going to be cold, windy and rainy...had hoped to walk/jog 26 miles of it...on Sat. Frank and I are going to run (well, I will walk it)
a trail 5K on Staten Island in his old cub scout stomping grounds --then hpefully on the way home I will pop up to my friend Ella's Brooklyn art studio (she is having an open house)-- coffee also on a rainy cold day???

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Just_because_today said...

well, about time you give those short distances a chance!