Friday, October 2, 2009

October already??? Off to Maine marathon

Dahlias from local show (painting them)

John's sunflowers (did illustration of them)!
I have not been into updating my blog for awhile --I feel that my running has lacked focus and that because of the ongoing bone bruise pain, every long run seems to bring me back to square one or two or three....the bone seems heals but the tissues around it get stiff and sore. I have been a good patient during the week, biking 2-3 times, running easy on pavement and resting --can finally slap the foot down right on my arch and it's fine--the last few miles of the rainy marathon tune-up it was sore, though.
In doing the tune-up I gave up racing tomm a.m. in Grete's half but the tuneup was more relaxed ...I feel very close to getting healed but may have to do total rest next week!!! In any case, have made it thru 3 long runs and now this weekend am headed up to Maine and am looking forward to the foliage, and the sights --will probably do the 1/2 marathon --John running in relay, and Frank will run the full. John wanted us to come up and the timing was right for Frank to run a marathon, and although I want to run the full as well, the timing may not work for me (need shorter race this weekend, unless it is a long hike on trails:)) Next week, have 2 painting projects to work on -fall is really here!! Lots of events to look forward to --maybe Staten Island 1/2, a trail run on the 17th or 18th and some shorter races til NYCM!!
Then Stone Cat 50 --since my injury better be gone by then and foot strong, will do Stone cat last year if it works.
For now, off to Maine marathon/half marathon/relay tomm -yeah!! Oh, in 2006, I finished the marathon in pain (hip tendonitis) --I think my time was 3:37?? and I came in second 45-49...I loved the course --it was scenic and fast. After the race, since I had Hank and Ike with me (John had watched them after his relay portion), we
went into Portland to three dollar dewey's for hamburgers and I snuck into the Portland Museum and LL Bean.


Just_because_today said...

I hope your injuries have healed and that you will have a good race. I do feel your pain

DawnB said...

have a good race Emmy