Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Maine /new art blog...

Finally --I have created a new blog to display some of my artwork.
style="font-weight:bold;">emmy's virtual art gallery..The displays are haphazard, and I am missing my house illustrations and pottery painting..will take pix and post them in a few days --but this is a start. Ha --emmy's virtual art gallery

In the meantime, I had a tough time in Maine --the top of my foot started hurting again; plus had a nasty cold that left me dead tired --simply could not get my body moving. I changed over to the half marathon in the middle of the race, and even with cranking up the pace ran 1:42:45 (7:50s) --then ran/walked 7 more and saw Frank finish--yeah!!!!!!!!! in 3:25...had I hung back, probably would have finished the marathon, AND would have probably placed as the first 50s was 3:52 --my age group in the half was enormously competitive -came in 6th place -haha!!! I learned my lesson big time about committing to and focusing on a race and a goal....otherwise one is left wit an unsatisfying experience. In this case, i really did not feel well (it was a struggle to breathe), my Nike shoes were hurting...it just seemed that my mind was not into it and was happy just to finish the half, and had a great weekend!!!


Laura said...

Congrats, Emmy! I agree that it was a gorgeous day for a race :)

Are you going to be running Breakers this year?

CTmarathoner said...

Laura --no Breakers! Just New York City Marathon and hopefully Stone cat trail run and Knickerbocker?
Good luck at breakers, and hope you are running NYC..

Laura said...

I am doing NYC - my first time this year! I live pretty close to the finish, so feel free to drop me an e-mail at absolutromantic at gmail if you'd like to coordinate and shower at my apartment before you head back up to CT :)