Monday, August 10, 2009

mid-august already???

me in Escarpment trail run before I stopped at 12.9 because of the mud and my foot

Ilana and I after the Taconic biathlon

Frank and I after the Taconic biathlon

it's tough having a fur coat in august!!

scenes from the aug. 8 NYRRC club team championship

I have been really lazy about updating my blog as basically have been running in pain and discomfort with a sprained foot --only drugs and ice seem to help. Got a fairly strong digital x-ray which showed no sign of stress fracture but inflamed ligaments and tendons. I ran only 3 times this week --tues. p.m. at waveny, fri. and sat. I 'tested' the foot out this Sat at the Club Team Championships -ouch!! For the first 2 miles it was Ok, but then I felt sharp pain on top of foot --not good..was able to crank out a faster last mile (6:45 -downhill) and breathing was labored but actually good for my lack of cross training and rest is the option for the week --fortunately have no races coming up (until New Haven 20K or 5K, Norwalk 1/2 and Maine marathon oct. 1, but can be in shape to jog that or even do the 1/2)--if it works will run the Westport aug 29 race. I can run but afterward foot is stiff and tender --not fun.
But when I think f the pounding i put my body through this winter to get read for Umstead and with general racing, and with the Memorial weekend trek, and with VT 100 miler-that's alot...I am just a bad patient and don't want to rest.
At first, it seemed funny that all of our friends are starting to put i long runs to gear up for fall marathons while I was recovering from VT (actually wasn't tired after 2 weeks)but now I am realizing that Oct. 4 and the Maine marathon is really close to 7 weeks away...but for now minimal mileage and get healthy again.


Just_because_today said...

yeah and I miss your posts.
You do need to rest, lady but doing that fall marathon will be great after a little break.

I had an awful run yesterday. The day was fun but I struggled with both legs. They were not hard, I just didnt have it

DawnB said...

thanks for your encourangement Emmy good to see you at the 11 miler helping out and cheering us on, was a tough day for me.