Monday, July 6, 2009

Taconic RRC July 4 Putnam County Classic

the start of the race --8:01 and everyone out of bathroom!!

registration -open bright and early at 7 a.m.!

Lee with John Albanese -he has been carrying the flag inthe race for 25 years!

the 2 winning men and women

well, it's about time to update my blog with a report of the Taconic RRC's July 4 Run for your life race -I am greatly relieved that it is over, but kind of sad...with the anticipation of it all, and the build-up and now it's gone. But I have committed to helping out again, so next march will come soon enough! Hope that National Road Safety Foundation will be a sponsor again -with July 4, it was a good fit. We had over 30 volunteers for this race and could have had it without club support on the morning. Plus, we had an ambulance,police help, and HAM radio operators on course (thanks Frank!).This is the second time Lee and I have been race directors and each year we learn more and tweak a few things...first of all, read Frank's great race report (maybe we will publish this in the Taconic newsletter)...the race, a local favorite, which winds its way around Lake Mahopac, was a big success. We only had 145 pre-registrants, as most people were waiting to see if it was going to rain --we had almost 200 people sign up race day!!! as the weather was sunny,not too hot, and moderate humidity. We also had a kids' run which was only $1, sponsored by Gatorade --they paid for t-shirts and ribbons..we got 100 kids! That was definately a big hit. I am pushing for an ice cream truck next year!!! but we had plenty of food, and thanks to Frank's and Pam's culinary skills --they sliced watermelon, bananas and bagels before the race...


Anonymous said...

It was a great day and all the runners should be very proud.

Thanks for letting us share the road with you.

David Reich
The National Road Safety Foundation

DawnB said...

congratulations Emmy looks all went well it was a great day for the race

DawnB said...

Good luck this weekend have fun.