Sunday, January 4, 2009

back to winter racing --Norfolk 10 miler and boston buildup 10K 1/3 and 1/4/2009

view of icy Norfolk from outside of registration hall...

finally meet up with kate in parking lot.

joe, jill, and me after the 10K

frank, anton, roy, dave, tom and john after the 10K

will run for beer.

the speckled hen pub was the perfect place for the after-race beer

posing next to icebox sign

Norfolk is right next to Haystack mountain -the icebox of CT!.
what a difference a layoff of 3 weeks makes! The hilly 10 mile race that Frank and I did yesterday seemed appropriately tough --the first hard workout of the year, and this was ONLY 10 miles--wimpy compared to the 50K that we could have done --but it was straight uphill on snow covered roads and cold (15 degrees)...we drove up to the rural town of Norfolk for the 11 oclock was blustery and cold and in fact snowed on the way up!! The first couple miles were on black ice or on snow covered road..I was terrified about slipping or sliding so held back --think my first couple miles were 8:30s. Since hadn't raced in 3 weeks, tis was a good workout. We then hit pavement and ran a loop on fir tree-lined hilly roads --the wind whipped up and it was biting cold...are we having fun yet? Mile 7 was uphill --the entire mile...I could Frank up ahead at the top, along with some other runners. I finished the last 2 miles easy in the snow with a guy from hartford track club who said the race is always this cold and snowy. The best part of the race, aside from going inside, was that our bib was good for a beer in the Speckled hen pub!!! At 1:30, we had to leave --my friend Jay was coming down to the 10K today and said he'd bring my award -turns out that I got a PEZ candy dispenser(really) and a check for $20 for the third female overall. So, it pays for my entry!! The PEZ is hysterical ...did Frank win a PEZ?
fast forward to the 10K --so much fun to see everyone. This hilly Rowayton course
is the social event; the first popular race of the year --after socializing, we lined up and I was a bit nervous. Not sure what to expect for a 10K the day after the hilly workout. Frank was right with me for the first mile and warned me that I was going out too fast -yup!! After 4 miles I slowed way down (from 6:40 to 7:10) as my breathing was hard and my quads were tight --if I get this over with, i told myself, i'll never race again (smile):)!! But at the top of the hill at 9.5K, the finish was in sight and then it was over. 43 minutes, with Frank right behind (see his race photos)--being nice and not passing me. At the finish, Jim told me i won a shirt for the first 50s. Saw kate, anton, john, kim, tom elliot (no susie), and jen...
no dawn but saw her before the start. Now it is time to start thinking about a long run --meaning 20-30 miles, not 10!! Several fat ass 50K options for next weekend...oh, and bruce told us the broadway ultra society was having a 50K in feb.??? can it be true?


Just_because_today said...

you just ran a sub 7????

Runner Tammy said...


You really started the year off with a bang...two races in two days. And both with impressive times!

I think if there was black ice on a course even if I had my a) stabilicers, b) Get-a-Grips and c) Yaktrax (or all three simultaneously) I would crawl the course, not run an 8:30!!

Take care and enjoy your pez and $20:-)

CTmarathoner said...

myriam --I am in training for your march races:)

DawnB said...

you did good Emmy outstanding race. see you at the next one

Ryan said...

nice snow run...sounds like fun i like the free beer part....are u running GAC FA50k this weekend im planning too start early mybe i'll see u there