Friday, January 23, 2009

flower sketches

some of my Wed. art class flower sketches

A bright spot in the dark of winter --Every Wed. I take a 'Botanical Illustration' watercolor class in Riverside at my teacher's studio ---she lives in a bright blue house overlooking the Mianus river --the 8 students (she has 3 classes a week) sit at tables in her seaside-themed house and look out at the frozen river and paint flowers and all sorts of natural things.
I like this 'escape' from the real world --also, I never talk about running with my classmates -they know I run, but we talk about common themes, like kids, writing, movies and art- so it is a different identity for me:)
This Wed. we painted anemomes --purple and pink feathery flowers. Our teacher is so talented, and displays her artwork (she sold a sketchbook for $1,000 the other day) so just walking around her house is inspirational. --plus she is British with a great sense of humor, and she makes us coffee with warm milk. I have been friends with my classmates for years, and they are also talented... Next Wed. we are painting Valentines' Day hearts and flowers...


Just_because_today said...

OMG, you are so talented!!! I forgot that you and I had a project to do last year...we never got to it. YOu are really a talented person!!! Great great work and so nice to have that escape from the world

Runner Tammy said...


These are beautiful sketches. You are really talented both as a runner and an artist.

It is pretty amusing how we compartmentalize our lives. A few co-workers know of my running and my dog park friends see me running all around town, but realistically very few people realize how varied my life is:-)

So I know you do cat sketches and flower sketches, do you also sketch people and places? I have no talent with drawing but I can whip out my camera very quickly!


Ryan said...

Very cool after seeing those colors makes me look forward to spring.

Laura said...

WOW, those are so beautiful!