Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boy scout 100th aniversary night -Feb. 8, 2010

the 100th anniversary cake was cut..

a photo of the entire Greenwich council was taken!

Ike comes off the stage after receiving his award..

This has nothing to do with running but last night my 2 boy scouts hank and Ike went to a town-wide boy scout event to celebrate the boy scouts' 100th anniversary!
Ike's patrol got to go on stage as they won third place in the january 30 Klondike derby. He got a nice certificate. The head scout executive gave a short speech, and gave out some awards, and then cut the cake (and we said a prayer for boy scouts).
All the boys and leaders received a beautiful 2010 anniversary patch.


rundangerously said...

oh to be a boy scout again :D

Anonymous said...


Just_because_today said...

cute pictures!!!
was that cake enough for so many kids???
hey, what did the person above me say?