Sunday, November 22, 2009

Knickerbocker 60K --11/21/09

yesterday was perfect weather for the Central Park Knickerbocker 60K...
Rob, Frank and I planned to run it and it was with trepidation that i approached this ultra because I was really out of ultra shape..but I figured it was cheap and cheerful,
and just a run in the park. Frank and I drove in and met Rob, who took the train.
When we were getting our bibs we saw Ritchie, Barbara ? from Millrose, Siri, and other B.U.S. people like Nick and Frank D. Plus, lots of other friends. I was still chatting at the back of the pack when the gun went off. We had to run a 2 mile out and back, and I went very slowly (well, a 9 min pace)--Eliot was right behind me. Then we went thru the finish line where they had set up a timing area and station and where cheering crowds were waiting...we then had to run 9 loops of the hilly 4 mile middle central park section. I settled into a 9:00 pace, with a guy from NJ named Johnny and Eric and Lynn. Frank and Rob too off like a shot, never to be seen or the rest of the race except when Frank lapped me as he was finishing.
Wayne kept saying 'we are going way too fast' and he dropped back and Johnny and I pretty much leap-frogged each other for most of the loops, or I ran alone. The volunteers were great, because this is a funny race --since it is loops, you do feel at times that you are all alone...Phil at a certain point, and the other leaders, lapped was just a gorgeous day and I tried to concentrate on keeping a steady pace and on a normal footfall for my left foot --and I did get a blister!! The last couple loops were the best as I knew I would finish,and that my foot would hold up in the Mizuno trail shoes --Frank did catch up to me and Johnny as we were finishing the 8th lap, and seeing him finish and knowing Rob was ahead of me made me want to push the pace...I did, but still couldn't break 6 hours (finished in 6:01:30?) --still,
this was only 7 min off my time from 3 years ago. And as I was older, out of ultra shape, and cautious was pleased just to finish...afterward, Phil (who won), Rob, Frank and I went to have beer and burgers --then as an added treat we took Phil home to Inwood Park -got to talk to him and see the night views of the Hudson river!
See Frank's blog for report and photos!!